Battleships Crossfire 4.61 & 4.62 released

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Battleships Crossfire 4.61 & 4.62 released

Postby Say_No_to_War » 16.10.2011, 01:42

4.61 has a bugged file. 4.62 has been released. Some little bugs are already known, but they are only tooltip bugs.

-Medium rocket has of course 2 bullets, then the dmg is reasonable.
-Dodo of Extinction is not doubleable, ignore that "can be doubled" in the tooltip.
-Own constrouction Captains Cannons 2nd bullet does 100% damage on a random target (area: 800), not 50% as it says.

fatal error bug fixed

Main changes: new commands: -zones (displays the current status in battlezones, only if they are on.), -viewX / -vX (1225+x*275, -v9 now = max distance 3700), -zoomXXXXX /-zXXXXX (1200+X/4, x<9999, -z9999 = max distance 3700); Bronze Hull now 20% damage reduction, 800 gold (was 850); Upgraded Bronze Hull 21% damage reduction, 3,75 kts (was 3,5); Arrow Tower Damage from upgrades reduced a bit; Dodoweapon readded (like the old, but buyable at the golden dodoshrine/bob); Dodoseeker can be bought in all modes; Item Ownership system now prevents allies from item steal in all modes (was only tourney and short mode); Multikill timer now 6s (was 5s); Killing-Sprees now after 4 kills in a row (pirate at 24 kills);

New Weapons: Light Missile; Medium Missile (Double Rocket + Two Light Rockets); Large Missile (Double EMP + Medium Missile); Granade Launcher (Two Light Rockets + Antifa Squatter Group); Bombarding Sailor (Double Bombard + Big Sailors Crew); Waterbomb Launcher (Grenade Launcher + Bombarding Sailor); Microwave Röntgen (Double Röntgen Radiator + Double Microwave); Microwave Roentgen (Dobule Microwave + Double Roentgen); Depleted Uranium (Microwave Roentgen + Medium Rocket); Basic Shotgun Crew (Double Basic Cannon + Double Yellow Laser); Superperforator (Two Grapeshot Carronades + Basic Shotgun Crew)

Shipchanges: Interceptor: Quietness (silence 1s, 45s cooldown); Normandier: Admiral of the Fleet (Counter, moves 250 backwards); Crusader: Capsize range on L1: 175 (was 200) - on L6 still 200; Marauder: Counter Admiral on Sea now 2500 range (was 1800), 225 dmg (was 150); Submarine&Red October: Fleet Stopper now 15s cooldown (was 45s); Adv. Minelayer: Minefield Level requirement -1 (now 6 for first level); Adv. Repairship: Fleet Repair -1 level requirement (now 4); Support Ship: Healwaves now 5 levels (333 healed/8 waves); Overlord: +0,25 kts; Bombardier: Flare Gun effect now after 0,25s (was 0,5s); Vicking&Schooner now Optimized Flare (only 1 level but 40s cooldown, 15s dur, 1300 AoE); Adv. Interceptor: now 14 kts (was 13,5); Missile Shark: Level Requirement now 6 (was 3), 1 bullet less now max 20 (was 21); Storm Wind: Wind Storm duration now 8s (was 6s); Bounty: Swivel Gun level requirement now 3 (was 4), maxrange 1400 (was 1350); Adv. Interceptor & Papayadealer: Pushing Winds now 35s cooldown (was 45) and 40% speed (was 35%); Papayadealer onboard weapon now Waver (64 dmg/s, 450 rng; was Blue Laser); Battle Royale now with Summer Winds; Destroyer: Board ship now 8 levelups (was 6), max 250 dmg/s (was 190), max duration still 10s; Galleon: 8,5 kts (was 8 kts); Houseboat: New model (thx to supertoinkz), Seaweed range now 650 (was 575); Cog: Seatang range now 600 (was 550); Waterwaver now with onboard weapon Nebular (20 dmg/0.9s/650); Schooner: Sail-Ripper 5s slow, Triple Orb Explosion AoE 400-600 (was 400), Range 1500 (was 900-1400), Cooldown 40s (was 35), lighning effect more damage; Vicking: Onboard Weapon system Viking Spirit (7dmg/0,2s/1500range), Ballista more range (1850); Vicking Ballista & Own Construction Captain Cannon: now followed by a second bullet with 50% (Own Construction) or 100% (Ballista) damage on a random enemy unit; Papayadealer: Waveform distance increased; Juggernaut / Doublejugger: Adv. Sailripper Cooldown now 40s (was 45); Man of War Extra Coal hotkey now T; Man of War, Carrack, Ganja Ship: Abolish Buffs hotkey now E; Normandier: Poison Cannon now Hotkey E; Alcoholic Ship torpedo now 3s cooldown (was 4s); Ship of the Line: Abolish Magic now called Debuff; Alcoholic Ship & Galleon: now with Debuff
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Re: Battleships Crossfire 4.61 & 4.62 released

Postby TheGayDutchMen » 17.10.2011, 21:45

I have to say this;

The OC Schtoepsel is... Imba Overpowered Goddamned sick.
Play a game without the OC Schtoepsel and you are done.
You can have double net and a stun of 7 - 10 seconds with it..

Just way too much, really overpowered.
Please change it ASAP!
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Re: Battleships Crossfire 4.61 & 4.62 released

Postby computer(argh) » 20.10.2011, 11:02


Also the new OC CC with its second bullet seems pretty overpowered to me.

Also I've got the feeling that the performance, mainly the FPS count, drops from version to version.
Can anyone affirm to this?
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