Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Planned Battleships and other Mods/Maps for Star Craft 2.

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Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby Say_No_to_War » 19.05.2010, 14:55

I started working on Battleships for SC2, thanks to crazy_chicken55.

Firstly I try to make a playable map for a 7vs7 BS, but with dynamical teams so it can be modified to a 5v5v4.

The SC2 editor is truely a powerful tool which will allow us to create every mod and game we want. Its alot more complex then the Warcraft 3 editor but has alot of more opportunitys. I think blizzard learned alot from the limitations the worldedit had. The complexity forces editors to learn alot of new things, there are alot more levels to work on now. For example units have lots of entitys on each level, not only unit + ability + upgrades but unit, actor (visible model), button, weapons, effects, abilitys,...

Atm I my autofire-item-turret-weapons dont work yet, but I am sure that there is a way. I made a simple map whith water, 2 harbours, spawn, zoom, revive yet. Another problem beside the autofire is that I have found no way to import wc3 models (.mdx/.mdl) to .m3 without using 3dsmax (which I do not have). Please tell me if you find any other way.

I evade the missing-sea-pathing problem by using ground units (who seem to be able to walk on water lol). Still real ships would be better... but as expected blizzard "forgot" that, maybe to force people to buy expansion packs later.

If you know anyone else who started working on a Battleships project in SC2 then please pm me.

Open Questions:
- How big should the inventory be? 9, 12, 16 or even 64 fields?
- How to convert wc3 models to sc2?
- How to make an autofire weapon?
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Re: Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby PapayaDealer » 31.05.2010, 00:26

good to hear of that.
Just imagine Battleships in Starcraft 2... amazing^^

I can also help testing out some stuff since blizz gave me a key.
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Autofiring Weapons

Postby Pacres » 26.07.2010, 08:32

On the loading screen for BattleTanks, it says that he has also started working on a game for SC2. He may have found a solution to your Autofiring weapon issue. You could try to talk to him about it.
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Re: Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby chqp » 01.08.2010, 15:40

Here Xolsom posted an example for autofire. hope it helps.

"Oh well I made a full working example with actors included.

Basically the marine has 3 stacked Phoenix Fire behaviors. Each Phoenix Fire behavior starts a Phoenix Fire Search effect which targets 2 random units in a radius of 5 and then launches a Phoenix Fire Missile effect at them(together with the actors duplicated from missile turret). The missile triggers the Phoenix Fire Damage effect on impact which deals 5 damage." ... ge=2#posts
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Re: Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby Trollkopp » 26.08.2010, 06:36

How big should the inventory be? 9, 12, 16 or even 64 fields?

dosnt it possible to do different to the size of the ship ?
small ships get 9
large 12
huge 16
just a idea 64 would be too much think
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Re: Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby ottodeluxe » 06.09.2010, 08:47

sorry for bumping this old thread, but I'd like to ask if there still is a BS map for SC2 in progress. I thought maybe I could help, I'm a big fan of both BS and BT but have little to no experience with the universe editor and only little with WC3's editor. People have found ways to import WoW models and tex, so I guess WC3 should be also compatible, though WC3 uses a bit of a uncommon format iirc, I was working on custom models myself once but found no way to export from 3DSMax, Maya or Blender to WC3's format, and neither any proper conversion libraries or plugins. Anyway, if I can help just let me know. I'm otto_deluxe in WC3 Europe and ottodeluxe in SC2 also Europe.
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Re: Mod Announcement: Battleships for SC2

Postby Lorc_Da_Orc » 02.10.2014, 12:50

I just got myself Starcraft after some time and would like to play some bs there too.
Is the project still running?
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