How to host in games like Warcraft 3

General help, tutorial on how to make a port forward to be able to host in some PC-games.

How to host in games like Warcraft 3

Postby Admin » 01.11.2007, 03:59

You can't host games because other people can't join? There is a way to host for nearly everyone.

Its usually easy to be able to host!

1. Make a port forward or a rule for the hardware firewall of your router:

I) Frist find out whether you are behind a router (indirect connection) or behind a DSL/ISDN/56k/... modem (direct connection). Often DSL-Modems are named "router" without beeing routers. Providers often lie and write "DSL router" on their dsl modems.
A router is a machine with usualy more than 2 lan-cable connections (one for dsl, 2 or more ports for PCs). It usualy holds the dial-up connection so you do not need to "manually" reconnect to the internet when you have started your PC. ( ? )

II) How to make a port forward or firewall rule in your router configs?
In general you must login to your router and enter there the ports needed by the game and your LAN(Local Area Network)-IP as a taget for the forward.

How to do this depends on your router. Either look in the manual of your router or check the explanations for your router on

a) How to login to your router?
To login to your router you must enter the IP of your router in your internet Browser (thats the program you are currently using to read this text!). To find out the IP of your router:
Click on start, then click on Run (execute), then write "cmd" and press enter, in the DOS window type "ipconfig" and you normally see the IP of your router under "Gateway".

b) How to see your LAN-IP?
Click on start, then click on Run (execute), then write "cmd" and press enter, in the DOS window type "ipconfig" and you will see your IP unter "IP-Adress".

c) How to see which ports are needed to host:
In Warcraft 3 that port is specified in options->gameplay (standard 6112). Warcraft needs the port speicified there to be forwarded to your IP.
In other games you gotta find out which ports are needed (searchwords: gamename port)

2. If its still not working, make sure that your port is not blocked by software firewalls:
Some bad firewall-settings may block ports. If you are unsure if your firewall is causing the problem or if its the router then make sure that your windows is updated, turn off the firewall, test it and after that don't forget to turn it on again.
An internet-PC without any firewall is very unsecure!

Btw once I was playing several houres Warcraft untill the MS Windows XP firewall noticed that Warcraft asked for internet rights. If you use the windows firewall better enforce it with for example Sygate or Zonealarm. That shows the quality of the windows firewall. It is also not preventing microsoft applications to send data to (MS Windows XP with basic settings has 11 files permanently transfering data to Mircrosoft servers.)

If you got still problems just ask here.
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Postby Cpt.DaveyJones » 26.12.2007, 02:02

THanks alot, it helped me quite a lot : )!
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Re: How to host in games like Warcraft 3

Postby wikki2 » 28.10.2017, 02:34

Thanks, it was helpful for me too

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