How to play battleships?

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How to play battleships?

Postby kokki » 07.09.2013, 12:41

hello,, im try to find the way to play battleships crossfire but can't!
what need to do for join?
which program to use?
open through program or normal frozen throne.exe?
i need a tutorial step by step plz!

sorry if i post it in wrong section...
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Re: How to play battleships?

Postby knight_9 » 07.09.2013, 21:05

join any game in the lobby, then type /f add battle-ships in your chat.
After that, type /f list you will see the current host name
type the game name in your chat, then click TAB then Ctrl + C
quit your current game, enter the lobby, click at the blank space, then Ctrl+V then join the game.
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