History of Clan 13s

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History of Clan 13s

Postby Lorc_Da_Orc » 04.10.2010, 00:20

History US West

Will be added soon

History of US East

Will be added soon

History of Europe

The european division of Clan 13attleships was founded on the 21th of may in 2009 by Lorc_Da_Orc, Swiffer, B.62, Wind-Storm, widowmaker, generalbell, RoyalRebell, and some others I don't remember at the moment.
We were a group of people who left the clans CPT (Cookie Protection Team), ECO (European Corsarrian Organisation) and NAVY(Noobs Are Very Yummy) to gather into a bigger community and open a EU division of the USWest clan we were already members of.
We were and still are ment to be a fun clan, for people to gather, talk, play some ships and not interfere with all the shit thats going on in the bships community.
Most of us have been around for ages and will stay in wc3 until the servers get shut down :roll:
In June 2010 we were at our best with 91 active members, a host and a channelbot with trivia, teamspeak and a more or less used forum(which will be shut down soon).

In July 2010 I tried to retire and made X-Berg chief of clan 13s.
Since that didn't turn out as hoped I came back since I didn't wanna see a rly nice clan get closed.
Now we are back to 45 members and ranked #2 in Battleships Crossfire League (Ranked-Shuffle), but will be #1 soon :twisted:

I'll add some more and maybe interesting history soon and get some articles from Windstorm, chief of 13s us east and generalbell, chief of 13s us west.
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Re: History of Clan 13s

Postby o2bgord » 31.12.2014, 14:43

needing to get into clan 13s on us east plz its an old friend from many years ago .................. yellowbeard !
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