01.05.2009 Police Brutality in Berlin on new Level

Documentations about police brutality

01.05.2009 Police Brutality in Berlin on new Level

Postby Say_No_to_War » 02.05.2009, 11:29

Police Brutality on new Level

In Berlin the right wing Police-Divisions have hurt many peacefull demonstrators during the may protests. In opposite to what the LIE in the propaganda-Press everyone with EYES MUST REALIZE what they have done: brutally beaten up many innocent and peacefull demonstrators.

That cops made a mistake with that. They radicalise peacefull demonstrators - who now have a new goal: Frag a cop!

If its war they want its war they shall have!!!

At first in the protests against the Nazis in Berlin-Köpenick:

Some Left wing demonstrators squatted the station Berlin-Köpenick to blockade the nazis arriving there. According to the "Berliner Abendschau" (RBB) the police brutally removed peacefull demonstrators from there with "unneccessary violence". They did not only beat up the peacefull sit-in, they also used chemical weapons (pepperspray, teargas) while closing the entrances of the station. Absolutyley unneded police-brutality and not justified by the blocking of a station!

A bit later during the Antifa-Demonstration:
A nazi showed up on his balcony making that illegal nazi salute. Of course people started throwing stones and bottles at him, and he throwed back. When the police came in to guard his houese I went to the front and told them: "There that one on the balcony did that illegal hitler salute. And that the cops ex officio have to do s.th. against him."The answer was: They have kicked and beaten me and the other demonstrators in the first line. Perhaps the cop liked that hitler salute?? Later on the cops arrested that weird nazi-
after a \"Jonhaniter\" told them again that the nazi repeatedly shows hitler salutes.

During the mayday demonstration (evening in Berin-Kreuzberg):
A good friend stopped beeing a pacifist due to the police brutality he feeled and saw. he was a 100% pacifist for more then 5 years. Same should happen to you dear reader. Forget your illusions in the Police. Some Cops have still have their sense of right and wrong. But most obviously dont! Those who dont have any conscience are mostly in soldier-like units - and they are beeing hold stupid without getting any knowledge about the german Grundgesetz (constitution). In germany they are mostly organised in the right-wing riot police. But also most of the police stations have sent riot-police units to Berlin-Kreuzberg.

While the police still sees the left wing people as main enemy a Demonstration by the DGB (German union association) has been attacked by around 200 nazis - without the police having prepared for any defence of that peacefull unionists - with families and children on the demonstration!

Cops also failed in many other towns all around the world (reports to forum - politics). IN Germany - Ulm they guarded the Nazis and beaten up left wing people for them.

Again after the Day of the Working Class many comrades have been arrested, injured and at some places of the world maybe even murdered... Now become part in the solidarity movements! Free all political Prisoner worldwide!

Resistance Breeds Revolution! Fight Back! Organise the Defence of the Demonstrations! Form Blocks - Make Chains - Get Armed. Try to arrest criminal cops over § 127 StPO!

You wont find any justice in german courts if a policeman commited that crime. If you try to bring a policeman to court in such a case they nearly never can identify him - but they often bring you to court with faked eye-withnesses. Still the Berlin-Senat refuses to force policeman to wear their IDs visible. Some say thats because they already have to tell you their police cards number if you ask them. Yell at that! Everyone who belifes that works: Come with me to a demonstration and we will try it. In most of the situations they wont tell you their number or will tell you faked numbers!

You dont belife that? Look in the Amnesty International Reports ([url]amnesty.com[/url])! See also the criminal statistics: more then 95% of all proceedings against cops are not even brought to court!
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Re: 01.05.2009 Police Brutality in Berlin on new Level

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