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B62 cheater use MH

PostPosted: 23.10.2016, 03:48
was a nice map BS ruined by people like B62 who do everything to win, RIP BS crossfire.

Re: B62 cheater use MH

PostPosted: 07.11.2016, 21:36
by Say_No_to_War
I know B.62 in real live and as far as I know he still has his wc3 acc in europe In other bnets its prolly a fake. but its B.62, not B62. And he is surely not using any maphack, i know him since over 10 years in real live and he plays on a linux machine, which means that the maphack.exe wont work. Maybe he used the ingame admins system to kick someone? Or he is just a pro who knows what he does and where to expect the enemy?