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Search for allies

Postby Say_No_to_War » 13.09.2010, 12:52

If you want to play in the Team-League its highly suggested that you play in an organized team. Of course you could also join one of the Battleships Clans (listed in the clans area of this forum). But sometimes just some mates to play with is preferred. Use this forum if you seek allies for the team-league.
If you want you can also use the Boat-Teamspeak server to organize with your mates. Just send a pm to me and I can give you access to it.
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Re: Search for allies

Postby ottodeluxe » 14.09.2010, 12:22

1. boah, pls someone ban that spammer

2. If someone wants to add me in whatever messenger (or bnet :p) feel free to do so (PM me for my icq#, MSN, y-a-h-o-o (the forum censores this lol) or skype). I usually play with a friend of mine, our WC3 names are Ban_dit and otto_deluxe
We usually play chatting on my TS server, but I only run it when we actually play, and I don't mind using the boat server either xD
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Re: Search for allies

Postby kingkilla7 » 21.11.2010, 21:01

I've been playing for awhile now and want to know others to play along with as a team and learn more....can anyone help me with this objective?
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Re: Search for allies

Postby lopmary » 11.02.2018, 20:01

Thanks for this really useful info

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