Gamedev Blog 13.-23.02.14

Developement blog of Say_No_to_War working on BattleShips CrossFire X. See Cerics Blog for more informations.

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Gamedev Blog 13.-23.02.14

Postby Say_No_to_War » 23.02.2014, 22:46

- Some serverproblems started, changed some things.
- navbar redesign researches
- debugging of forum due to a write-rights-problem of phpbb
- backupping work
- internal company work
- got some new nice drawings from Jack, will be published sooner or late (most are reserved for special things)
- fixed bugs in the forum
- updated the ghost++ hosting bot to the latest SVN (so no shuffle atm)
- started a new season in the Battleships Crossfire League (Season 14, yearly seasoning I guess)
- made a ghost++ for hosting on garena.
- updated server to meet the requirements of gbc, with some now solved problems.
- installed gbc, garena client broadcast, but not really running yet
- lol@cerics new pervert screens (the captain quarters of a very successful captain would look like this).
- working together with a nice guy on the gbc bot.
- gdc is still not working, i am on it
a free day for social life (party!)
- writing this report after my weekly private law-workgroup
- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are quite full already, 5-8h work for workgroups and work for my lawyer / day... + gdc, menu redesign and ghost++ upgrade (shuffle) on the list.
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