Ban request for feeding on purpose

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Ban request for feeding on purpose

Postby knight_9 » 16.02.2014, 23:48

ID: jackass
Changed to trader immediately after game starts then just keep feeding on purpose, just because somebody tried to kick him in the lobby. Not first time, this is his 5th CD-Key already I guess. Same guys as Aslicad., Orangecat. and so on.
ID: last_option
After we kicked jackass, last_option has been feeding on purpose. At first hes trying to hide it, but it is very obvious that hes been turning back with lower than 200 hp and feeding to enemies while they are already falling back. Hes been just dashing into enemies harbors on purpose near end game. It is obvious that hes been feeding on purpose since the we kicked jackass. If he doesn't like I dont peace the game, just say something. You don't fucking ruin my game you piece of shit. I died couple of times trying to save your suicidal asshole. So you are causing me death on purpose too. What a bitch.
feed on purpose.w3g
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Re: Ban request for feeding on purpose

Postby Say_No_to_War » 25.02.2014, 02:48

No insults in the forum please. Its understandable that you might be angry but that does not justify it and doesn't improve your accuses...

knight_9 wrote: Not first time, this is his 5th CD-Key already I guess. Same guys as Aslicad., Orangecat. and so on..

I dont get what you mean, sorry. We do not & can not ban over cd-keys. Do u mean its his 5th account?

And I dont really get what you mean at all. Two guys who got angry, but if someone tries to kick that one in the lobby before and then he gets angry and ruins the game... its not worth a direct ban. Especially not for the second last_option, when the game was already ruined. gl in other rounds and whisper me or some of the admins if one of them ruins other games.
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