A Warcraft 3 Community Map

Putting a stop to this

Ziadoma - 18.10.2020

There was a long known problem wtih this map: desyncs. No one could ever figure out what the cause was. The only intel we had is, that is mainly happening when fighting next to the right 14k shop. After investigating a lot of potential problems there was one thing, that was always happening before a desync. An amphibious unit walking over land next to the shop. We took some measures to avoid that from happening. After testing with plenty of players we had zero desyncs so far. So even if this not 100% fixing the problem, it promises a much lower chance from happening. Big thanks to BNDR.
You can find the map here: https://dodo-project.eu/bscf/downloads
Have fun!

24 players available

Ziadoma - 12.06.2020

Hey Crewmates, Dear Battleshippers, Yohoho you bloody pirates and Dodo fans!

After years of waiting, version 4.81 is finally out and with it many changes and bugfixes. This patch mainly focuses on a 24 player support, enabling the possibility of 8v8v5 teams! A detailed list of all changes can be found in the Patchlog. The newly added 10k ship Siren is still a work in process but will be available in the next patch.