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Season 14: |Shuffle| (Clans)      Archive of previous Seasons
BShips CF Shuffle #36

Game ID: 46512
Game Time: 65m01s
Winner: South Empire (97.27% points)

PlayerKillsDeathsAssistsLootTraderpointsKicksLeavereasonLeft atStayPoints
South Empire - (Averagepoints: 41.32)
hitsfromthebong84121315000Fought to the last man! ARRR!!65m01s |||||||||| 100%59.71
tarotlefay6311142000Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m57s |||||||||| 100%54.69
admiral.scott (Clan BOAT)95121051400Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m44s |||||||||| 100%58.85
tiingel1791141485100Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m40s |||||||||| 99%64.64
North Empire (Averagepoints: -14.55)
teabag362-185200Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m43s |||||||||| 100%-22.49
ag.poisondagger2161-1895600Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m42s |||||||||| 100%-38.97
benta252-569900Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m39s |||||||||| 99%-23.73
stoerte13eker (Clan BOAT)353-547800Fought to the last man! ARRR!!64m42s |||||||||| 100%-22.45