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Last reload of the League: Thursday 20th 2014f February 2014 06:03:26 AM
164 different players are ranked & spoofchecked on the bot(s): battle-ships.
LEAGUE IS BEEING (RE)CALCULATED! Please show some patience.
55 / 2400 games have been added to the scores. 2250(rescan: 1) / 164 players have been scanned for clan-memberships. 1303 players have been banned.

Season 14: |Shuffle| (Clans)      Archive of previous Seasons
BShips CF Teams #392

Game ID: 47661
Game Time: 61m14s
Winner: South Empire (0% points)

PlayerKillsDeathsAssistsLootTraderpointsKicksLeavereasonLeft atStayPoints
South Empire - (Averagepoints: 0)
ne(ger)328501100Fought to the last man! ARRR!!60m49s |||||||||| 99%0.00
eliminatorsvk355-214800Fought to the last man! ARRR!!60m53s |||||||||| 99%0.00
mki082051101045970Fought to the last man! ARRR!!60m45s |||||||||| 99%0.00
North Empire (Averagepoints: 0)
zozoiiu0000Fought to the last man! ARRR!!60m47s |||||||||| 99%0.00
imba_skilled234267200Fought to the last man! ARRR!!60m52s |||||||||| 99%0.00
butcher.baer (Clan iGB)551-512000Fought to the last man! ARRR!!61m14s |||||||||| 100%0.00