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Season 14: |Shuffle| (Clans)      Archive of previous Seasons

Detailed statistics for ses(pado) @ uswest.battle.net - Player ID: 111 on battle-ships

Games played (with disconnects): 18
Games counting for this league: 2
Winner: 2
Loser: 0
Drawer: 0
Leaver: 0
Kick-Counter: 0 (Rank: 21-164)
Points: 127.16 (Rank: 16)
Kills: 21 (Rank: 19-20)
Deaths: 2 (Rank: 112-128)
Assists: 16 (Rank: 29-35)
Traderscore: 0 (Rank: 19-164)
Kill / Death ratio: 10.50 (Rank: 4)
Creepkills: 684 (Rank: 48)
Dodocounter: 0 (Rank: 1-164)
Loot: 21896 (Rank: 14)
Gaming time:
Total: 16h 06m
This week: 00h 00m
Today: 00h 00m
Average load time: 20.4 seconds
Average game time: 53m40s (100% Stay)
Used Ships:
1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>I</span>nterceptor (<span style=color:#ffcc00>1200</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Runner</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>12</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Intercept, Counter</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>750</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>2</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Tiny</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>The most regular boat used in the sked-age sea forces. A sturdy tiny boat with great speed. Perfect for agile captains.</span>1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>ailor (<span style=color:#ffcc00>200</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Battle Ship</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Captains Cannon</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>200</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>0</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Nautic Nutshell</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Pretty reliable small boat. This is the ship you got at start.</span>1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>V</span>ikings Revenge (<span style=color:#ffcc00>5000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#009900>Bombardier</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>9</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Onboard Ballista, Flare</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>3200</span><br>Internal weapon systems: <span style=color:#33BBBB>4 x Rocket Cannon</span><br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>7</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Medium</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>An old viking warrior is selling ships here.<br>Thanks to Olofmoleman for the great models he made.</span>1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>B</span>attleturtle(<span style=color:#ffcc00>10000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Seamonster</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Spit Venom, Seaweed</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>7500</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>20</span><br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Huge</span><br><span style=color:#33BBBB>Amphibian</span><br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB> The Goblins found a way to construct an mechanical battleturtle. This is the result: An amphibian

18 games found:
Game IDDate and TimeStayGame NamePoints
467232014-03-04 16:26:1730m39s of 30m41s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1970.00
466412014-02-26 18:32:1190m30s of 90m47s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1150.00
466402014-02-26 16:42:1046m17s of 46m20s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1140.00
466292014-02-25 18:14:4063m20s of 63m27s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1030.00
466282014-02-25 16:44:5233m44s of 33m51s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1020.00
466272014-02-25 16:09:0574m30s of 74m54s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1010.00
466262014-02-25 14:42:4072m39s of 73m54s (98%)BShips CF Teams #1000.00
465612014-02-21 19:07:0275m56s of 76m02s (100%)BShips CF Teams #340.00
465582014-02-21 17:49:1536m27s of 36m27s (100%)BShips CF Teams #310.00
465552014-02-21 17:05:3450m14s of 50m38s (99%)BShips CF Teams #290.00
465532014-02-21 15:40:0763m20s of 63m42s (99%)BShips CF Teams #270.00
465382014-02-20 17:56:3082m28s of 82m53s (99%)BShips CF Teams #120.00
465372014-02-20 16:31:4335m16s of 35m36s (99%)BShips CF Teams #110.00
465332014-02-20 13:05:1492m28s of 92m31s (100%)BShips CF Teams #50.00
465322014-02-20 11:18:3028m10s of 28m15s (100%)BShips CF Teams #40.00
465112014-02-19 16:47:4011m51s of 11m52s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #37-0.80
465092014-02-19 16:23:4854m12s of 54m36s (99%)BShips CF Shuffle #3465.50
465062014-02-19 14:38:5124m14s of 24m18s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #3162.46
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