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Detailed statistics for shibbi @ europe.battle.net - Player ID: 24 on battle-ships

Games played (with disconnects): 23
Games counting for this league: 4
Winner: 3
Loser: 1
Drawer: 0
Leaver: 0
Kick-Counter: 0 (Rank: 21-164)
Points: 176.22 (Rank: 9)
Kills: 30 (Rank: 10-12)
Deaths: 3 (Rank: 103-111)
Assists: 32 (Rank: 15)
Traderscore: 0 (Rank: 19-164)
Kill / Death ratio: 10.00 (Rank: 5)
Creepkills: 1010 (Rank: 33)
Dodocounter: 0 (Rank: 1-164)
Loot: 32561 (Rank: 11)
Gaming time:
Total: 20h 02m
This week: 00h 00m
Today: 00h 00m
Average load time: 34.5 seconds
Average game time: 52m17s (100% Stay)
Used Ships:
1x <b>Sell S<span style=color:#ffcc00>h</span>ip</b><br><br>

Gives you half the price of your ship back.<br>Leaves you without a ship. When you are without a ship you are only usable for support in base. Can carry items, but not use them. <br><br>Capain Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Repair & Construct Buildings, Teleport</span>.1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>ailor (<span style=color:#ffcc00>200</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Battle Ship</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Captains Cannon</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>200</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>0</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Nautic Nutshell</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Pretty reliable small boat. This is the ship you got at start.</span>4x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>chooner (<span style=color:#ffcc00>7000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Area Damage</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>11</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Triple Orb Explosion, Sail Ripper Cannon, Flare</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>5600</span><br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span><br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Large</span><br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>A ship desinged to do delayed damage, slow and damage over time to an area. Can also abolish buffs. Good for long-range.</span>2x <b>Buy a Sea Shep<span style=color:#ffcc00>h</span>erd (<span style=color:#ffcc00>14000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#009900>Political Ship</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>11</span> kts <br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Can Opener, Butyric Acid & Start Helicopter</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>9500</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>15</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Gigantic</span><br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Get one of the ships from the Anti-Whalehunter-fleet.<br>You can find informations about the battles of the fleet of the </span><span style=color:#3333ff>Sea Shepherd Conservation Society</span><span style=color:#33BBBB> fighting to save our oceans on </span><span style=color:#3333ff>www.seashepherd.org</span><span style=color:#33BBBB>.</span> Also famous from the TV-Series Whale Wars.

18 games found:
Game IDDate and TimeStayGame NamePoints
469722014-04-03 15:43:1036m17s of 37m50s (96%)BShips CF Teams #4470.00
469672014-04-02 21:09:2952m28s of 52m31s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4420.00
469652014-04-02 19:06:4614m04s of 14m06s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4400.00
468522014-03-18 20:59:3093m20s of 93m26s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3270.00
468502014-03-18 15:51:3573m51s of 73m53s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3250.00
467252014-03-04 17:52:0247m46s of 47m49s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1990.00
467242014-03-04 16:49:4308m16s of 08m58s (92%)BShips CF Teams #1980.00
467232014-03-04 16:26:1730m41s of 30m41s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1970.00
466982014-03-02 22:25:4298m45s of 98m45s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1720.00
466952014-03-02 18:23:2682m50s of 83m12s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1690.00
466222014-02-24 22:21:1649m10s of 49m10s (100%)BShips CF Teams #960.00
466072014-02-23 20:24:3331m59s of 32m22s (99%)BShips CF Teams #820.00
466062014-02-23 19:45:1132m23s of 32m26s (100%)BShips CF Teams #800.00
465602014-02-21 19:06:5136m57s of 36m57s (100%)BShips CF Teams #350.00
465182014-02-19 20:14:2384m33s of 84m33s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #4278.24
465142014-02-19 18:26:2536m43s of 36m48s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #3952.70
465072014-02-19 15:28:2647m37s of 47m38s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #3257.22
464832014-02-18 22:48:2770m32s of 70m35s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #8-11.94
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