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Detailed statistics for mello_yello @ useast.battle.net - Player ID: 31 on battle-ships

Games played (with disconnects): 30
Games counting for this league: 2
Winner: 0
Loser: 1
Drawer: 1
Leaver: 0
Kick-Counter: 0 (Rank: 21-164)
Points: -22.04 (Rank: 84)
Kills: 1 (Rank: 110-126)
Deaths: 2 (Rank: 112-128)
Assists: 0 (Rank: 125-164)
Traderscore: 0 (Rank: 19-164)
Kill / Death ratio: 0.50 (Rank: 89-95)
Creepkills: 60 (Rank: 132)
Dodocounter: 0 (Rank: 1-164)
Loot: -2528 (Rank: 105)
Gaming time:
Total: 20h 05m
This week: 02h 34m
Today: 00h 00m
Average load time: 55.3 seconds
Average game time: 40m10s (94% Stay)
Used Ships:
1x <b>Change to Gan<span style=color:#ffcc00>j</span>a Ship (<span style=color:#ffcc00>7000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Smuggler</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>11,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Ganja Smoke, Onboard Smoke Machine, Abolish Buffs</span><br>Internal Weapon Systems: <span style=color:#33BBBB>A joint in the hand (50 dps)</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>5600</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Large</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>The favourtite of all people who smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol. A ship that can use a huge bong to make other captains stoned (slow) and to sail in the smoke.<br></span><span style=color:#11ee11>Don't criminalize it - legalize it!</span>

2 games found:
Game IDDate and TimeStayGame NamePoints
464882014-02-19 00:01:1429m28s of 29m35s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #13-22.04
464862014-02-18 23:29:1603m39s of 04m13s (87%)BShips CF Shuffle #120.00
Players in the IP-cluster of this player: amdathlon64bit (useast.battle.net), jetlegend (useast.battle.net), mello-yello (europe.battle.net), crazeee (useast.battle.net),