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Season 14: |Shuffle| (Clans)      Archive of previous Seasons

Detailed statistics for butcher.baer @ europe.battle.net - Clan iGB - Player ID: 4 on battle-ships

Games played (with disconnects): 653
Games counting for this league: 4
Winner: 0
Loser: 2
Drawer: 1
Leaver: 1
Kick-Counter: 0 (Rank: 21-164)
Points: -45.11 (Rank: 103)
Kills: 9 (Rank: 45-46)
Deaths: 4 (Rank: 91-102)
Assists: 16 (Rank: 29-35)
Traderscore: 0 (Rank: 19-164)
Kill / Death ratio: 2.25 (Rank: 28)
Creepkills: 1991 (Rank: 16)
Dodocounter: 0 (Rank: 1-164)
Loot: 12054 (Rank: 25)
Gaming time:
Total: 528h 44m
This week: 10h 43m
Today: 00h 00m
Average load time: 28.4 seconds
Average game time: 48m34s (98% Stay)
Used Ships:
2x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>ailor (<span style=color:#ffcc00>200</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Battle Ship</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Captains Cannon</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>200</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>0</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Nautic Nutshell</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Pretty reliable small boat. This is the ship you got at start.</span>1x <b>Change to F<span style=color:#ffcc00>r</span>igate (<span style=color:#ffcc00>7000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#009900>Frigate</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>12,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Missile Bay 1 & 2, Share Damage</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>5000</span><br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>8</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Large</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>A boat filled to the teeth with missiles and rockets. Perfect for agile long range captains. Can dhare damage between allies and/or enemys.2x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>chooner (<span style=color:#ffcc00>7000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Area Damage</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>11</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Triple Orb Explosion, Sail Ripper Cannon, Flare</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>5600</span><br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span><br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Large</span><br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>A ship desinged to do delayed damage, slow and damage over time to an area. Can also abolish buffs. Good for long-range.</span>2x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>W</span>alrus (<span style=color:#ffcc00>14000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Seamonster</span><br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>9</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Tornado, Bite, Remove Summons</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>9500</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>12</span><br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Gigantic</span><br><span style=color:#33BBBB>Amphibian</span><br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>An pirate Walrus. An amphibian creature, which can go on land, but can't see over cliffs. Basicaly good in moving, slowing and damaging enemys.

160 games found:
Game IDDate and TimeStayGame NamePoints
488092015-01-16 22:21:5527m01s of 27m02s (100%)BShips CF Teams #15480.00
488082015-01-16 21:51:3756m12s of 56m28s (100%)BShips CF Teams #15470.00
486952015-01-09 21:39:4051m10s of 51m19s (100%)BShips CF Teams #14330.00
486932015-01-09 20:59:5600m00s of 29m42s (0%)BShips CF Teams #14320.00
486922015-01-09 20:28:1104m56s of 05m30s (90%)BShips CF Teams #14310.00
484232014-12-28 22:08:0837m36s of 37m36s (100%)BShips CF Teams #11600.00
482482014-12-20 23:27:3261m35s of 61m49s (100%)BShips CF Teams #9850.00
482292014-12-19 23:29:4541m33s of 41m59s (99%)BShips CF Teams #9670.00
482272014-12-19 22:15:0154m40s of 54m40s (100%)BShips CF Teams #9640.00
482262014-12-19 21:12:3032m04s of 32m07s (100%)BShips CF Teams #9630.00
481652014-12-14 20:29:3437m09s of 37m31s (99%)BShips CF Teams #8990.00
481282014-12-12 21:27:4655m31s of 55m55s (99%)BShips CF Teams #8610.00
480712014-12-07 20:49:4466m35s of 66m35s (100%)BShips CF Teams #8040.00
480512014-12-06 23:11:5771m36s of 71m38s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7840.00
480492014-12-06 21:53:3666m15s of 66m38s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7830.00
480342014-12-05 21:24:2771m45s of 71m45s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7680.00
480052014-12-02 21:37:3055m30s of 55m52s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7390.00
479942014-12-01 20:41:3858m22s of 58m22s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7280.00
479802014-11-30 20:45:0928m29s of 28m46s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7140.00
479782014-11-30 20:12:1012m21s of 12m27s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7120.00
479612014-11-29 21:15:4852m56s of 53m09s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6950.00
479312014-11-27 20:50:3554m15s of 54m33s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6650.00
479132014-11-25 21:07:2981m47s of 81m57s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6470.00
479052014-11-24 21:26:2947m40s of 47m43s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6390.00
479032014-11-24 20:31:5359m57s of 60m18s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6370.00
478762014-11-22 19:56:3601m05s of 01m05s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6110.00
478672014-11-21 23:25:0737m36s of 37m36s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6020.00
478662014-11-21 22:32:5325m21s of 25m23s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6000.00
478642014-11-21 21:56:3388m30s of 88m47s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5980.00
478612014-11-21 20:21:0534m26s of 34m29s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5960.00
478602014-11-21 19:28:3140m50s of 40m56s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5930.00
478422014-11-19 20:11:0851m16s of 51m20s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5750.00
478352014-11-18 21:28:0855m36s of 55m53s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5690.00
478332014-11-18 19:11:2551m09s of 51m31s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5670.00
478242014-11-17 21:29:1132m06s of 32m20s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5560.00
478222014-11-17 20:45:1739m08s of 39m12s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5530.00
478192014-11-17 19:36:3503m13s of 03m13s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5520.00
478022014-11-16 19:57:4058m10s of 58m24s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5330.00
477762014-11-15 22:47:24100m01s of 100m22s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5060.00
477532014-11-14 23:00:3266m21s of 66m36s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4850.00
477512014-11-14 21:41:5670m31s of 70m31s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4830.00
477062014-11-10 20:22:0920m41s of 30m05s (69%)BShips CF Teams #4380.00
476692014-11-08 00:10:3288m44s of 88m45s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3990.00
476662014-11-07 22:36:4519m46s of 19m55s (99%)BShips CF Teams #3980.00
476612014-11-07 20:37:5461m14s of 61m14s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3920.00
475892014-10-31 22:59:2043m10s of 43m35s (99%)BShips CF Teams #3210.00
475882014-10-31 22:00:0938m42s of 38m47s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3200.00
475122014-10-25 00:23:2165m06s of 65m23s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2440.00
475102014-10-24 23:05:4772m38s of 72m47s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2420.00
474522014-10-17 23:49:2677m29s of 77m31s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1840.00
474512014-10-17 22:26:0614m36s of 14m36s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1830.00
474492014-10-17 21:43:2941m55s of 41m56s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1810.00
473902014-10-11 20:54:0867m07s of 67m17s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1220.00
473712014-10-09 21:13:2857m11s of 57m17s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1030.00
473562014-10-05 20:19:3228m33s of 28m33s (100%)BShips CF Teams #880.00
473542014-10-04 21:56:5862m11s of 62m11s (100%)BShips CF Teams #860.00
473492014-10-03 23:01:4375m57s of 75m57s (100%)BShips CF Teams #810.00
473482014-10-03 21:41:5290m19s of 90m29s (100%)BShips CF Teams #800.00
473262014-09-29 21:58:3160m22s of 60m22s (100%)BShips CF Teams #580.00
472722014-06-26 21:31:1685m41s of 85m43s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7490.00
472542014-06-02 20:33:4051m13s of 51m28s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7310.00
472512014-06-01 22:02:4038m43s of 38m59s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7280.00
472462014-05-29 21:54:2759m35s of 59m46s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7230.00
472422014-05-28 21:30:3407m30s of 07m48s (96%)BShips CF Teams #7190.00
472412014-05-27 23:21:2478m04s of 78m04s (100%)BShips CF Teams #7180.00
472362014-05-26 20:57:4677m57s of 78m21s (99%)BShips CF Teams #7130.00
472212014-05-24 22:49:4847m11s of 47m35s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6980.00
472152014-05-23 23:41:0032m49s of 32m49s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6920.00
472142014-05-23 23:04:4125m33s of 25m33s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6910.00
472132014-05-23 22:32:4255m18s of 55m40s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6900.00
471922014-05-18 20:33:4049m32s of 49m42s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6690.00
471842014-05-16 23:55:0065m07s of 65m30s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6610.00
471832014-05-16 22:27:4487m49s of 88m12s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6590.00
471592014-05-11 21:16:2672m39s of 73m03s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6360.00
471582014-05-11 20:00:1148m02s of 48m12s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6350.00
471492014-05-09 22:53:4833m13s of 45m13s (73%)BShips CF Teams #6260.00
471482014-05-09 22:05:2029m40s of 30m04s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6250.00
471472014-05-09 21:33:0972m55s of 73m00s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6240.00
471422014-05-07 22:02:1049m42s of 50m07s (99%)BShips CF Teams #6170.00
471412014-05-07 21:07:1200m43s of 01m23s (52%)BShips CF Teams #6160.00
471402014-05-07 21:01:0500m29s of 01m13s (40%)BShips CF Teams #6150.00
471392014-05-07 20:52:5042m54s of 43m36s (98%)BShips CF Teams #6140.00
471382014-05-07 20:05:1601m00s of 02m56s (34%)BShips CF Teams #6130.00
471372014-05-06 22:17:0539m51s of 39m58s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6120.00
471362014-05-06 21:16:3839m40s of 39m50s (100%)BShips CF Teams #6110.00
471252014-05-03 22:34:5438m49s of 39m32s (98%)BShips CF Teams #6000.00
471232014-05-03 21:45:24108m17s of 108m41s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5980.00
471182014-05-02 22:36:57108m54s of 109m01s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5920.00
471132014-05-01 22:57:0285m54s of 85m54s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5880.00
471122014-05-01 21:24:3954m57s of 55m22s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5870.00
470982014-04-27 21:20:2439m52s of 52m01s (77%)BShips CF Teams #5730.00
470892014-04-26 22:08:3462m43s of 62m44s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5650.00
470802014-04-25 22:19:5373m34s of 73m58s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5550.00
470762014-04-24 21:16:1145m46s of 46m09s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5510.00
470692014-04-23 20:27:5841m53s of 42m17s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5440.00
470682014-04-23 19:39:4117m22s of 17m25s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5430.00
470632014-04-22 21:39:1675m48s of 76m11s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5380.00
470622014-04-22 20:14:3644m08s of 44m33s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5370.00
470572014-04-21 21:11:0767m01s of 67m19s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5320.00
470472014-04-20 23:56:5416m05s of 101m41s (16%)BShips CF Teams #5220.00
470462014-04-20 22:08:2658m10s of 58m30s (99%)BShips CF Teams #5210.00
470452014-04-20 21:04:0403m10s of 03m10s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5200.00
470402014-04-19 23:20:37115m09s of 115m09s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5140.00
470312014-04-18 23:51:0491m54s of 92m12s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5060.00
470302014-04-18 21:39:4598m43s of 99m00s (100%)BShips CF Teams #5050.00
470292014-04-18 19:57:1510m06s of 10m50s (93%)BShips CF Teams #5040.00
470242014-04-17 21:54:5050m52s of 50m52s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4990.00
470232014-04-17 21:12:5449m13s of 60m01s (82%)BShips CF Teams #4980.00
469962014-04-11 22:42:4735m37s of 35m40s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4710.00
469952014-04-11 21:54:3566m40s of 66m43s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4700.00
469892014-04-07 20:32:4935m35s of 35m42s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4640.00
469812014-04-05 22:00:5898m51s of 98m51s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4560.00
469792014-04-04 23:13:1147m37s of 47m37s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4540.00
469782014-04-04 21:47:5824m20s of 24m23s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4530.00
469772014-04-04 21:18:4766m01s of 66m03s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4520.00
469662014-04-02 21:05:3761m55s of 61m57s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4410.00
469512014-03-31 20:21:3720m39s of 20m41s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4260.00
469502014-03-31 19:58:4200m27s of 00m57s (47%)BShips CF Teams #4250.00
469352014-03-29 20:33:0639m16s of 39m21s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4100.00
469262014-03-28 22:23:5454m33s of 54m37s (100%)BShips CF Teams #4010.00
469082014-03-26 19:57:0425m28s of 25m49s (99%)BShips CF Teams #3840.00
469022014-03-24 20:47:1249m20s of 49m21s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3770.00
469012014-03-24 19:48:3223m30s of 23m53s (98%)BShips CF Teams #3760.00
468952014-03-23 20:48:5325m05s of 85m26s (29%)BShips CF Teams #3700.00
468762014-03-21 22:41:35119m13s of 119m30s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3510.00
468612014-03-19 22:24:32103m08s of 103m30s (100%)BShips CF Teams #3360.00
468162014-03-14 22:51:5068m50s of 69m05s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2900.00
468142014-03-14 20:35:4834m38s of 35m04s (99%)BShips CF Teams #2880.00
468132014-03-13 22:38:2394m09s of 94m20s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2870.00
468062014-03-12 19:43:4865m41s of 65m48s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2800.00
467812014-03-09 00:12:5099m59s of 111m37s (90%)BShips CF Teams #2550.00
467802014-03-08 22:11:5168m45s of 68m46s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2540.00
467782014-03-08 20:46:4329m55s of 29m59s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2530.00
467772014-03-08 20:07:3600m06s of 00m06s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2520.00
467612014-03-07 21:25:2191m59s of 92m24s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2350.00
467502014-03-06 21:07:0483m33s of 83m37s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2240.00
467492014-03-06 19:39:2416m23s of 20m07s (81%)BShips CF Teams #2230.00
467272014-03-04 20:15:2714m13s of 14m15s (100%)BShips CF Teams #2010.00
467152014-03-03 20:16:1038m50s of 38m50s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1890.00
466832014-03-01 22:09:2990m30s of 90m33s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1560.00
466812014-03-01 20:43:0030m15s of 35m38s (85%)BShips CF Teams #1550.00
466702014-02-28 23:46:5949m58s of 50m19s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1440.00
466682014-02-28 22:22:2132m11s of 32m31s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1420.00
466662014-02-28 21:35:0342m22s of 42m29s (100%)BShips CF Teams #1400.00
466322014-02-25 21:05:1039m41s of 39m57s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1060.00
466312014-02-25 20:19:1617m15s of 17m22s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1050.00
466302014-02-25 19:15:5311m55s of 12m04s (99%)BShips CF Teams #1040.00
466212014-02-24 21:52:2655m56s of 56m18s (99%)BShips CF Teams #950.00
466192014-02-24 20:52:3542m12s of 42m36s (99%)BShips CF Teams #940.00
466082014-02-23 21:21:2093m45s of 93m53s (100%)BShips CF Teams #810.00
465822014-02-22 22:06:1678m29s of 78m33s (100%)BShips CF Teams #550.00
465652014-02-21 23:02:3355m59s of 56m23s (99%)BShips CF Teams #390.00
465632014-02-21 21:51:3086m25s of 86m49s (100%)BShips CF Teams #370.00
465422014-02-20 21:49:5296m09s of 96m30s (100%)BShips CF Teams #160.00
465192014-02-19 20:27:5300m28s of 03m39s (13%)BShips CF Shuffle #45-15.50
465182014-02-19 20:14:2384m24s of 84m33s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #42-11.51
464822014-02-18 22:43:3295m13s of 95m17s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #7-18.10
464792014-02-18 20:58:5500m00s of 02m01s (0%)BShips CF Shuffle #50.00
464782014-02-18 20:13:0315m40s of 15m47s (99%)BShips CF Shuffle #10.00
464772014-02-18 19:51:2300m00s of 02m44s (0%)BShips CF Shuffle #10.00
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