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Season 14: |Shuffle| (Clans)      Archive of previous Seasons

Detailed statistics for 13attle_europe @ europe.battle.net - Player ID: 78 on battle-ships

Games played (with disconnects): 50
Games counting for this league: 2
Winner: 1
Loser: 0
Drawer: 0
Leaver: 1
Kick-Counter: 0 (Rank: 21-164)
Points: 7.46 (Rank: 62)
Kills: 3 (Rank: 82-94)
Deaths: 2 (Rank: 112-128)
Assists: 4 (Rank: 73-78)
Traderscore: 0 (Rank: 19-164)
Kill / Death ratio: 1.50 (Rank: 40-45)
Creepkills: 100 (Rank: 120-121)
Dodocounter: 0 (Rank: 1-164)
Loot: 3036 (Rank: 49)
Gaming time:
Total: 42h 23m
This week: 00h 00m
Today: 00h 00m
Average load time: 38.6 seconds
Average game time: 50m52s (97% Stay)
Used Ships:
1x <b>Change to <span style=color:#ffcc00>S</span>ailor (<span style=color:#ffcc00>200</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Battle Ship</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10,5</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Captains Cannon</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>200</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>0</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Nautic Nutshell</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Pretty reliable small boat. This is the ship you got at start.</span>1x <b>Change to a Dr<span style=color:#ffcc00>u</span>id Ship(<span style=color:#ffcc00>3000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#009900>Summoner</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span> kts <br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Call a Nagasnake</span> <br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>1700</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>5</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Small</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Get a Druid Ship which can call the Nagasnake.</span>1x <b>Change to an <span style=color:#ffcc00>A</span>sian Ship (<span style=color:#ffcc00>10000</span>)</b><br><br>

Class: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Exotic Class</span> <br>Speed: <span style=color:#33BBBB>10</span> kts<br>Abilities: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Blink Back, Chinese Gun</span><br>Hit Points: <span style=color:#33BBBB>7500</span> <br>Armor: <span style=color:#33BBBB>13</span> <br>Size: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Huge</span> <br>Description: <span style=color:#33BBBB>Can stun nearby enemys, good for close-combat captains with fast fireing weapons. Sadly there are so many dictatorships in asia...

8 games found:
Game IDDate and TimeStayGame NamePoints
466032014-02-23 18:29:5262m13s of 62m17s (100%)BShips CF Teams #770.00
465882014-02-23 05:56:0154m17s of 54m49s (99%)BShips CF Teams #620.00
465672014-02-22 01:32:5070m55s of 71m00s (100%)BShips CF Teams #410.00
465622014-02-21 20:39:3352m04s of 52m26s (99%)BShips CF Teams #360.00
465552014-02-21 17:05:3450m12s of 50m38s (99%)BShips CF Teams #290.00
465492014-02-21 08:12:0648m03s of 48m14s (100%)BShips CF Teams #230.00
465312014-02-20 05:47:2706m14s of 54m32s (11%)BShips CF Teams #3-52.17
464972014-02-19 07:44:2970m15s of 70m36s (100%)BShips CF Shuffle #2259.63
Players in the IP-cluster of this player: hard_time (europe.battle.net), from.west (uswest.battle.net), koh-kae (asia.battle.net), koh-kae (), koh-kae (useast.battle.net), forgotten (asia.battle.net), new_man (asia.battle.net), hit-the-cat (asia.battle.net), passswords (asia.battle.net), 24_hours (asia.battle.net), all_day_game (asia.battle.net), icyhot (asia.battle.net), icyhot (), from.asia (asia.battle.net), fire_man (uswest.battle.net), end_of_world (europe.battle.net), i_dontwant_die (europe.battle.net), from.chinatown (uswest.battle.net), icyhot (europe.battle.net), megamillions (asia.battle.net), icyhot (uswest.battle.net), d_h_m (europe.battle.net), from.usa (europe.battle.net), ice_cream13 (europe.battle.net), from.heaven (uswest.battle.net), 2018 (europe.battle.net), world_war_3 (europe.battle.net), o(o (europe.battle.net), police_dog (europe.battle.net), 2016 (europe.battle.net), 2017 (uswest.battle.net), 911 (europe.battle.net), yessir_ (uswest.battle.net), i_dontwant_die (useast.battle.net), general_ship (uswest.battle.net), 2014 (uswest.battle.net), gotmilk_ (uswest.battle.net), i_amnew (uswest.battle.net), from.thailan (uswest.battle.net), hero_of_noob (europe.battle.net), dontcall_menoob (europe.battle.net), qip (europe.battle.net), call_me_noob (uswest.battle.net), tiger_beer2013 (europe.battle.net), 13attle_ship (useast.battle.net), from.europe (europe.battle.net), giveme_a_chance (uswest.battle.net), indiana_ (uswest.battle.net), the_exit (europe.battle.net), the_deadmeat (uswest.battle.net), from.china (uswest.battle.net), i_dontwant_die (uswest.battle.net), goblingun_ship (uswest.battle.net), kill_kill_kill_ (uswest.battle.net), 8(8 (europe.battle.net), o)o (uswest.battle.net), donthurt_me (uswest.battle.net), i_hate_thisgame (useast.battle.net), from.ohio (europe.battle.net), noob2013 (europe.battle.net), justgotanewnick (useast.battle.net), from.canada (uswest.battle.net), 13attle_east (useast.battle.net), 2015 (europe.battle.net), 13attle_west (uswest.battle.net), 8(8 (), gateway. (europe.battle.net), kfc (europe.battle.net), goblingun (europe.battle.net), california_ (europe.battle.net), from.everywhere (uswest.battle.net), general_ship (useast.battle.net), general_ship (), general_ship (europe.battle.net), o)o (europe.battle.net), from.japan (uswest.battle.net), hey_uo(o (), usa (europe.battle.net), from.europe (uswest.battle.net), 8(8 (useast.battle.net), 8(8 (uswest.battle.net),