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Battleships Crossfire 4.81a Changelog




Plays the “GameFound” Sound at the start of the game

Computers players are now kicked at the start of the game, enabling hosts to more easily refresh by using !closeall !openall in lobbies

Pinnaces no longer have a normal attack

When casting votes “Short” is now listed as recommended as well as “No trader” to improve pub game quality. Normal mode is renamed to classic.

Added the command “-sandbox” which is activatable after 5 seconds and during the first 2 minutes of the game if you’re either; playing alone, or an admin in admin mode activates it. With sandbox activated, every player gets 100k gold, 1k lumber, an onboard propeller and a Tome of Power with 30 charges.




Paddled Submarine
Is temporarily removed due to pressing ceremonial reasons



Waveform cast time and description fixed


Ship of the Line

Captain’s Cannon decreased damage 600/900/1200/1500/1800/2100 → 600/850/1100/1350/1600/1850


Battle Royal

Advanced Captain’s Cannon level adjusted 8 → 10

Advanced Captain’s Cannon damage adjusted 750/1000/1250/1500/1750/2000/2250/2500/2750/3000

Advanced Captain’s Cannon Cast Range adjusted 850/860/870/880/890/900/925/950 → 775/800/825/850/900/925/950/1000

Advanced Captain’s Cannon Cooldown adjusted 50/49/48/47/46/45/44/42 → 50/49/48/47/46/45/44/43/42/41


Troll Destroyer

Waterquake Effect Delay decreased 2s → 0s

Targets allies now

Now has an “incineration” sphere to distinguish itself from Juggernaut as they share models

Seamonster now cast “Spawn Tentacles” on being summoned

Druid Ship
Now has an “thorns aura” sphere to distinguish itself from Crusader as they share models
Nagasnake now only attacks heroes

Now instead uses the “Normandier” model with a “wave” sprite to distinguish itself

Advanced Repair Ship
New tooltip icon

New tooltip icon

Seamonster now cast “Spawn Tentacles” on being summoned


Advanced Interceptor
Now has an “mana drain” sphere to distinguish itself from Interceptor as they share models


Alcoholic Ship

Now has “haze” spheres to distinguish itself from W.wawer and Carrack as they share models

Grogginess reworked

Still 6 levels, same duration 3-5,5 sec, decreased slow 50 → 35/40/45/50/55/60, no longer an AoE spell, increases damage dealt to target from items and spells by 20%.



Armor increased 10 → 11


Now has “spirit tower” sphere to distinguish itself from Doublejugger as they share models
Improved spell cast animation 0.5 → 0.3
Shock Rifle counter Orb movement speed reduced 18 → 17kts
Shock Rifle counter Orb explosion AoE reduced 475 → 400

House Boat
Improved spell cast animation 0.5 → 0.3
Shock Rifle counter Orb movement speed reduced 18 → 17kts
Shock Rifle counter Orb explosion AoE reduced 475 → 400
Seatang duration reduced 4 → 3 seconds

Returned Pirate
Improved spell cast animation 0.5 → 0.3
Shock Rifle counter Orb movement speed reduced 18 → 17kts
Shock Rifle counter Orb explosion AoE reduced 475 → 400

Ganja Ship
Ganjasmoke reworked;
Still 6 levels, decreased duration 6/7/8/9/10/11 → 4/5/6/7/8/9, decreased slow 50/55/60/65/70/80 → constant 60%, no longer an AoE spell, increases damage dealt to target from items and spells by 20%.
Abolish buff cast range decreased 1500 → 1000
Abolish buff AoE decreased 2000 → 1200

Abolish buff cast range decreased 1500 → 1000
Abolish buff AoE decreased 2000 → 1200

Battleship Potemkin
Abolish buff is replaced with Debuff

Seatrap now has a 0.25 sec activation delay before it stuns on all levels.

Frigate & Red October
Torpedo and Missile Bay 1 & 2 are now based on different spells, allowing a player to queue them. (Before they were based on the same spell and were therefore “cast” at the same time.)

Increased sail speed 8,5 → 9,5

Increased sail speed 9,5 → 10

Dwarf Zeppelin
Tooltip now correctly displays the damage dealt by summoned ships (100, not 150)



Pinnace turn rate improved 0,4 → 0,6



Some descriptions improved

Bronze Hull
Now sells for its appropriate value (was 1300, now the supposed 1447)


Bug Fixes


Commands fixed (deaths, kills, assists, spammy, creeps)
Added line of sight blockers to the north of the middle spot
Added line of sight blockers to the south empire left hand tower side
Pathing around dodo/10/14k shop also slightly reworked to hopefully prevent desyncs
Edited some islands to be pathable for amphibians

Battleships Crossfire 4.81 Changelog




Main Harbour HP Regen increase 1s → 5s

Gold Hull and Bronze Hull will be sold for 75% when buying a Trader or Merchant

Call of the Battalion hooks allies again

Balanced as North Empire trading so you are still invisible when you go for books (bottom right)



Seamonster movement speed increased 40/45/50/55/60/65 → 140

Shock Rifle and Shock Rifle counter damage adjusted the explosion multiplier x2,75 → x2,5

fixed base damage of Shock Rifle 50 base damage → 100 base damage + 50 * Level


Advanced Interceptor

Onboard added 2x Multi-Rockets


Alcohol Ship

Onboard Alcoholic Torpedo cooldown decreased 3s/50dps → 2s/75dps


Battleship Potemkin

Onboard added Pirates Cannon


Black Pearl

Pirate Crew movement speed increased 330 → 350

Movement Speed increased 13kts → 14kts



Poseidon Trident rescaled from 6 to 8 levels

Poseidon Trident damage 300/450/600/750/900/1050 → 300/450/600/750/1050/1200/1350

Poseidon Trident area 300/350/400/450/500/600 → 300/350/400/450/500/550/600/650

Poseidon Trident number of targets 2/3/4/5/6/7 → 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9



Onboard increased Musket Crew → 2x Musket Crew



Seatang damage per second increased 50 → 80

Seatang duration decreased 4s → 3s

Seatang cooldown decreased 45s → 40s



Net duration decreased 4s → 2.75s



Onboard increased Basic Cannon → 3x Basic Cannon



The way of the Dodo area of effect increased 800/900/1000 → 900/1000/1100

The way of the Dodo duration increased 5s/7s/10s → 6s/8s/10s

Dodo Storm cooldown decreased 70s/66s/62s/58s/54s/50s → 55s/52s/49s/46s/43s/40s



Electro Magnetic Pulse damage increased 550 → 650

Electro Magnetic Pulse range decreased 700 → 600

Electro Magnetic Pulse slow duration decreased 10s → 8s



Launch your Pinnaces onboard increase 2x Pinnance Arrow Crew, 2x Rocket Cannon → 3x Pinnance Arrow Crew, 3x Rocket Cannon

Hitpoints decreased 10000 → 9000


Dwarfish Ship

Dwarfish Fleet movement speed increase 300 → 375

Dwarfish Zeppelin vision increase to 950



Share Damage Area of Effect increased 500 → 800



Onboard increased Cruiser Cannon → 2x Cruiser Cannon



Seaweed cast range increased 650 → 750

Seaweed cooldown decreased 45s → 40s

Manaregen increased 0,5 → 1



Collision Course initial damage increased 50/110/180/260/350/450 → 100/200/300/400/500/600

Collision Course decay damage increased 35/38/41/44/47/50 → 40/45/50/55/60/65

Collision Course duration increased 3/3/4/4/5/6 → 6



Freezer Water rescaled from 8 to 6 levels

Freezer Water damage 375/500/625/750/875/1000/1250/1500 → 350/500/650/800/950/1100

Freezer Water duration 3s/3,6s/4,2s/4,8/5,4/6s/6,5s/7s → 3s/3,5s/4s/4,5s/5s/5,5s

Freezer Water cooldown 65s/60s/55s/50s/45s/40s


Paddled Submarine

Pull lads pull! cooldown increased 10s/9s/8s → 22s/21s/20s

Pull lads pull! duration increased 1s/2s/3s → 3s/4s/5s

Collide damage increased 50/100/150/200/250/300 → 150/250/350/450/550/650



Removed the longer cast time on earlier levels, every level has the same now → 0.150seconds



Net cooldown decreased 45s → 40s


Ship of the Line

Onboard increased Cruiser Cannon → 2x Cruiser Cannon

Improved Captain's Cannon rescaled from 8 to 6 levels

Improved Captain's Cannon damage 575/750/925/1100/1275/1450/1625/1800 → 600/900/1200/1500/1800/2100

Improved Captain’s Cannon cooldown increased to 40s



Cost increased 1500 → 2500


Upgraded Gold Hull

Recipe cost increased 1000 → 1300


Upgraded Bronze Hull

Movement speed increased 4kts → 4,25kts


One Single Cannon

Cooldown decreased 1,5s → 1s


Rainbow Laser

Range increased 460 → 515

Recipe cost decreased 5200 → 5000


Red-Blue Laser

Range increased 460 → 515


Red Laser

Range increased 430 → 450



Range increased 500 → 515

Damage increased 2x 43 (430dps) → 2x 45 (450dps)


Guevaras Guerillero

Range increased 500 → 600


Dodo of Extinction

Recipe cost decreased 5300 → 4600


Spirit of Revolution

Range increased 500 → 600


Hunter's Boomerang

Cooldown increased 0,45 → 0,5

Damage increased 142 → 205


Hydro Pump

Damage increased 4x 232 (422dps) → 4x 239 (435dps)


Sand Blaster

Recipe cost decreased 4300 → 3600

Damage increased 2x 90 (429dps) → 2x 93 (443dps)


Capitalist Gun

Cost decreased 5750 → 5350


Basic Shotgun Crew

Recipe decreased 2700 → 2000

Cooldown increased 0,7 → 0.8


Pirate with Parrot

Recipe cost decreased 4800 → 4400



Recipe cost decreased 4000 → 3800


Flaming Arrow Cannon

Recipe cost decreased 2300 → 1770


Molotov Arrow Cannon

Recipe cost increased 4400 → 4800


Explosive Barrel Catapult

Recipe cost decreased 4200 → 3900


Admirals Torpedo

Recipe cost decreased 3800 → 3600


Depleted Uranium

Range increased 1100 → 1200


Rocket Pack

Cost decreased 5600 → 5100

Damage decreased 2x 20 (100dps) → 2x 19 (95dps)


Rocket Battery

Damage decreased 4x 32 (336,84dps) → 4x 30 (315,79dps)

Recipe cost decreased 4500 → 3750


Electrical Pulse Cannon

Cost decreased 7900 → 7350


Heavy Rocket

Damage decreased 2x 150 (375dps) → 2x 148 (370dps)


Moonstone Waver

Recipe increased 4500 → 4800

Bug fixes

Many Tooltips had minor issues, they are fixed now or improved

Caravel Abolish buffs didn’t work as intended

Color commands fixed

Battleships Crossfire 4.80 Changelog



8v8v5 players (Colors adjusted: Red-Orange-Brown-Yellow colors vs Blue-Gray-White-Purple-Pink colors vs Green-Teal)

All attacks → spells now deal 100% damage to all targets (was 95% against heroes and 105% against creeps)

Hotkeys have been changed to the keyboard layout Q W E R / A S D F / Y X C V

Respawn invulnerability increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

You can’t leave ship anymore, Main Harbour health regeneration adjusted

Deathtimer decreased(Level*2) + 10s → (Level*2) + 5s

Maximum Hero XP Range decreased from 2000 to 1750

Doubling works without a free slot

All Items show in tooltip what they combine to and if they can be doubled

Many more Triggers now in JASS (faster)

Now 1 command/150s (was 300s)

Arrow Defence Tower damage increased 57 → 75

Cannon Defence Tower damage increased 50 → 60

7s timer for double kills (was 6s)


Goblin Bomb Shop now sells Diamond Hull → Outboard Propeller, but does not sell weapons anymore

Startcam → Auto-Cam-reset on 3000 distance

Added Observer/Referee/Livestream slot

New gold/s (type -income to see more)

Added Helpguide-quest

Custom UI removed

All ship descriptions updated

All item-weapon descriptions updated

Wood Shop now sells Microwave cannons and Electrical Pulse Cannon (former EMP Cannon)

All models should now be compatible with both reforged and classic wc3

New whales spawn from the ocean (1-2 Minke → 1-2 Fin Whales / 5 min)

Pathing fixed for reforged

Moved the repair bay for north and south a tiny bit further away from main harbor

Terrain enlarged to the western beaches of the lagoon (as planned years ago with B.62)

New Sand Texture (thx to GolluM_KoMe)

More random shells on the beaches

Treerandomizer reactivated → improved


Hull extra bounty increased: Stone hull 30 → 40, Upg Stone hull 50 → 60 , Upg bronze hull 150 → 125, Gold hull 200 → 225, upg gold hull 275 → 300



Cast range decreased from 600 → 550

Item model changed when you drop it


Goblin sail

Gold cost increased from 1385 → 1785


Swedish Repair Kit

Health restore increased from 4000 → 5000


Upgraded Stone Hull

Health increased from 225 → 250, speed increased from 1,5kts → 1,75kts


Upgraded Bronze Hull

Health increased from 500 → 550, speed increased from 3,75kts → 4 kts


The Chaos Hammer now called The Hammers of Chaos

Light Rocket now called Light Rocketlauncher

EZLN now called Zapatistas EZLN

The Birds of Terror now called The Birdies of Papageno (as planned)

EMP Cannon now called Electrical Pulse Cannon

UMTS Waver now called Moonstone Waver (in homage to Timber's Moonstone Cannon)


Spy cast time decreased 1s → 0,5s

International Brigade → Strike Ship: Call of Battallion (Hook) now not on allied Trader (on the way back it works)

Barricades from International Brigade, Minelayer, Advanced Minelayer and the Rainbow Warrior duration decreased 4s → 3s

Alcoholic Ship, Ganja Ship, Trader, Merchant: Hide Abilities tooltips corrected

Enforced Hull increased hitpoints125/250/375/500/625/750 → 125/275/425/575/725/875

Reinforced Hull increased hitpoints 200/400/600/800/1000/1200 → 200/425/650/875/1100/1325

Strong Enforced Hull increased hitpoints 275/550/825/1100/1375/1650 → 275/575/875/1175/1475/1775

All Pinnaces are no longer affected by Ship Upgrades

Pinnace now correctly displays the damage and internal weapons system


New Ship: Paddled Submarine (1200 gold, 8 kts, hull 600, armor 3)


Dive (invis for 10/14/17/20 seconds, 40/35/30/25 seconds cooldown)

Ram (ram the target for 50/100/150/200/250/300 damage and slows the target for 35%/38%/41%/44%/46%/50% for 3/3/4/4/5/6 seconds cooldown 70/67/64/61/58/55

Pull lads pull! (gives you a large amount of movement speed of 50/75/100 for 1/2/3 seconds cooldown of 10/9/8 seconds)

Slow (slows the target's movement speed)


Advanced Interceptor

Butyric Acid damage increased 50 damage flat + 40 damage every 3 seconds per level, level 1/2/3 12 seconds duration, level 4/5/6 15 seconds duration

Butyric Acid cooldown decreased 60s/58s/56s/54s/52s/50s → 45s/42s/39s/36s/33s/30s


Asian Ship

Blink Back cooldown rescaled 64s/63s/62s/61s/60s → 70s/66s/62s/58s/54s


Battleship Potemkin

Removed the Onboard weapons

New Ability: Huge Broadside fire a huge broadside at a targeted location (damages all targets within the location and stuns them for 4 seconds)

Huge Broadside damage 250/350/450/550/650/750



X-Marks the Spot range decreased 800/1000/1200 → 800/900/1000

X-Marks the Spot cooldown increased 50s/47s/43s → 60s/55s/50s

Torrent cooldown increased 50s/48s/46s/44s/42s/40s → 50s all levels


Black Pearl

Hull repair increased 1500/2500/3000/3500 → 2000/3000/4000



Broadside Cast Range increased 1000 → 1000/1040/1080/1120/1160/1200

Broadside Cooldown  decreased 60/59/58/57/56/55 → 60/58/56/54/52/50 seconds

Broadside Damage decreased 50/75/100/125/150/175 → 50/70/90/110/130/150



Magnetic Shield has less levels now from 5 → 4 duration adjusted



Reinforced Hull Repair increased 350/500/650/800/950/1100 → 500/700/900/1100/1300/1500 over 6 seconds



Speed decreased 9,5kts → 9kts



Hit Points increased 2000 → 2200

Movement speed increased 8kts → 8.5kts



Movement Speed increased 9.5kts → 10kts


Druid Ship

Summon Nagasnake now correctly displays bash chance in tooltip (50%)

Nagasnake cooldown decreased by 5 seconds


Dwarfish Ship

Increased Dwarfish Zeppelin duration 20s → 25s



Share Damage Cooldown decreased from 30s → 24s


Frozen Ship

Freeze Water cooldown decreased 60s → 56s



Board → Burn cooldown decreased from 60s → 50s on all levels


Goblin Gunship

Poison cooldown decreased 60s → 40s

Damage adjusted 75 flat damage + 50 damage per 3 seconds per level → 65 + 65 per level, level 1/2/3 12 seconds duration every level after + 3 seconds


HMAV Bounty

Swivel Gun Levels reduced 8 → 6

Swivel Gun damage increased by 20

Swivel Gun Cooldown decreases 60s/60s/59s/58s/58s/57s/56s/55s → 60s/57s/54s/51s/48s/45s



Seaweed damage per second increased 100 → 150


International Brigade

Brigade Brigadist Gun damage decreased 50/75/100 → 15/30/45/60



Juggernaut movementspeed increased 8kts → 8,5kts



Shadow Replication cooldown 90s



New model (Greyjoy Ship by purparisien)



Dive is now instant, without stopping the ship



Poison Cannon Initial Damage increased 50/80/110/140/170/200 → 50/85/120/155/190/225



Freeze Water cooldown decreased from 60s → 56s


Own Construction Turtle

Turn-to-move now at 60°


Puddle Skipper

New ability Puddle Skip (makes your ship invisible for 3 seconds and gives you 20%/30%/40% movement speed cooldown of 15/14/13 seconds)

Send Spy ability now innate (no level needed)

Torpedo range decreased 615/630/645/660/675/690/705/720 → 580/600/620/640/660/680/700/720



Stolen Cannon damage adjusted 100/185/275/370/470/575/685/800 → 100/200/300/400/500/600/700/800

New model


Rainbow Warrior

Dinghys cooldown increased 40s → 50s

Dinghys duration decreased 45s → 42s


Red October

Dive is now instant, without stopping the ship


Return Pirate

Recall Fleet cooldown adjusted 60s/54s/48s/42s/36s/30s → 40s all levels

Recall Fleet range adjusted 1700/1800/1900/2000/2100/2200 → 1800 all levels

Recall Fleet works now only on heros

Indecision Wind rebalanced, now has 4 levels

Indecision Wind slow decreased 40%/45%/50% → 25%/30%/35%/40%

Indecision Wind area of effect decreased 700/775/850 → 650/700/750/800

Indecision Wind damage adjusted 500/750/1000 → 550/700/850/1000

Indecision Wind slow duration adjusted 10s on all levels → 7s/8s/9s/10s



Captains Cannon damage on level 1 increased 40 → 46



Triple-orb now slow decreased 50% → 35%

Triple-orb now deals correct amount of damage (used to incorrectly deal more damage when more enemies were cluttered in the AoE), tooltip updated

Triple-orb overall single target damage adjusted

Flare cooldown increased 30s → 35s

Health points decreased 5600 → 5000



Waterwave speed increased from 30kts → 32,5kts


Ship of the Line

Captains Cannon cooldown decreased from 60s/59s/58s/57s/56s/55s/54s/53s → 30s on all levels



Shadow Replication cooldown 90s



Seatrap range to buildup increased 500 → 750

Seatrap cooldown decreased 50s → 44s



Armor decreased 8 → 4


Troll Destroyer

Chain Lightning cooldown decreased 60s/58s/56s/54s/52s/50s/48s/46s → 58s/56s/54s/52s/50s/48s/46s/44s



Flare cooldown increased 30s → 35s

New ability: Catapult (channel for 2 seconds and launch a catapult to the targeted location, damage is split between targets no level needed 500 damage 2000 range, 250 area of effect 40 seconds cooldown)

New model (VrykkulDRakkarShip by Sellenisko)



Waterwave speed increased 30 kts → 32,5 kts

Added additional onboard: Nebular (25 damage / 0.9s / 650 range)



Tornado slow decreased 60% → 50%

Tornado area of effect decreased 1000 → 800

Bug fixes

Two Machine Guns will now correctly double into a submachine gun instead of a catapult

Double Rocket Cannon, Two Kamikaze Owl Launchpads and Twin Tomahawk now resale for the correct amount