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One year has passed since we started the Battleships Crossfire X project. We are already working in the Unreal Endine and look forward to present you new stuff on facebook. The new webpage and forum are online, but still in beta of course! Please join us on the facebook page and share + like it!

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It would be nice if we can manage to finance the server with 1/3 over donations. I pay 29€/month for the server, so 1/3 would be 115€/year.
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Recent Forum-Topics:

by Say_No_to_War - Saturday 17th 2018f March 2018 12:03:20 AM
Hey, I was offline for a long time. Even Clan BoaT got disbanded... I feel very sorry for that. I had to do alot of work, resort my life. But I am still sometimes online. Currently under my secondary account Bucharin.
Working on debugging BSCF, reworking tooltips, preparing for the 24 players patch, get battleshipsxfire.com back online, server-configs. Alot of work, but only very limited time....
by The-Destroyer - Saturday 30th 2017f December 2017 02:42:08 PM
I think I am the only one and the last professional world editor for Battleships now and I am also professional Battleships player for 1500 range weapons with 3k gold ship to the end of game. I am ranger. I used to defeats a lot of DACI players in Battleships. I just got back to play WC3 1 year ago, and I was a Battleships player in 2006 to 2010 year playing all Battleships maps. I stopped playing WC3 because I love playing World of Warcraft. I started playing World of Warcraft in 2004 until now, and still playing, but in one year ago, I decided to play WC3 again too. I play WC3 and WOW now. Because I figured out that WC3 is still online. The Battleships game is still playing. But, I figured out that the maker of Battleships Crossfire and this website are actually gone when the year was 2013. He stopped updating the map of Battleships and this website. So. I decided to take a step in to own Battleships now and trying to bring Battleships legend back. I have been making my own new Battleships map, and I calls it "Battle of Warships." I started working on it in 4 months ago now and still working. Also, I playing Battleships Crossfire CMD game right now for testing the players and the map to find all the issues I am seeing, and what players would do. My name is The-Destroyer in WC3. It is my new name of WC3, but old name was Speed, Firebender, Turbo, & Quik, from 2006 to 2010 year. There are many new things and many things changed, many things improved, many new weapons, new combining system, new battle system, many new models, all shops and towers, and buildings, will be changed to a new model. There will be 4 same game maps, but different team styles. It will be 5v5, 4v4, 3v3, and 2v2. For when I am done with my Battleships map, and protect it from World Editor, and then upload it to Hive and EpicWar, I will run 4 host bots like CMD or ENT host bots. Contact me by email at chevycamaro250@gmail.com for the issues you are seeing in Battleships Crossfire 4.7....
by Skellyton5 - Tuesday 12th 2017f December 2017 07:11:58 PM
There are a few things I feel could use an update, and I was wondering who to talk to....
by THOR - Sunday 23rd 2016f October 2016 04:48:24 AM
was a nice map BS ruined by people like B62 who do everything to win, RIP BS crossfire....
by knight_9 - Wednesday 05th 2015f August 2015 01:22:03 PM
This kid needs help....
by Revenge.NL - Friday 09th 2015f January 2015 08:46:31 PM
The two players with names mentioned in the title were both ruining the game, by refusing to play, kicking players who do not want to forfeit, and intentional teamkilling and feeding. The chatlog from the attached replay will give you a piece of their mind, and also proves that it was indeed intentional. They mentioned the admins on this forum are completely inactive and they would get away with ruining games like this, please prove them otherwise....
by o2bgord - Wednesday 31st 2015f December 2014 10:53:10 PM
looking to get into clan 13s on warcraft can anyone help plz...
by kill the floor - Wednesday 29th 2014f October 2014 08:18:17 PM
Just switch the mode from teams to shuffle, makes the game much more fun. What's the problem with that? Seems like everybody is saying this....
by Sammler - Saturday 12th 2014f July 2014 01:01:11 PM
Also leute ich weiß nicht wie es euch geht aber ich hab seit März kein Bships mehr spielen können.
Say ich verstehe vollkommen wenn du im RL viel zu tun hast.
Ich weiß nicht wer das wollte oder was die Gründe für die Änderung die League von Shuffle auf Team war aber ich glaube es ist doch offensichtlich das es nicht funktioniert.
Weil die community ja sowieso klein ist und viel Leute einfach keine Lust haben zu spielen wenn man anhand der Teams schon vor den start sieht wer gewinnt.
Ob die Antwort das verringern der Slots auf 3v3 ist, wie ich eben gesehen hab bezweifle ich stark.
Wenn man nurnoch mit Absprache Spiele am Wochenende zu stande bekommt braucht der bot nicht hosten.
Es waren ja mal eine Zeit lang shuffle und Teamleague bots nebeneinander an und der teamleaguebot wurde dann abgeschaltet weil keiner drauf gespielt hat.
Die selbe Situation sehe ich jetzt auch. Mach einfach wieder shuffle und 4v4 dann werden schon spieler wiederkommen. Weniger als jetzt ist auf jeden Fall nicht los.

Das ist so meine Meinung zu der ganzen Sache.

PS: auf Garena hab ich ja mal garkeinen Bock um sich dann noch über vpn nach vietnam zu connecten um dann endlich langames damit spielen zu könnnen
nur um dann effektiv wieder teamleague spiele einmal die woche machen zu können...
by Say_No_to_War - Tuesday 08th 2014f July 2014 04:49:05 PM
sorry for not posting here in the last time... I am very busy with preparing for my upcoming secondary law-exam in september. I am btw still searching for a nice lawyer in New York or somewhere else in the USA for an internship in October-December 2014.

Hopefully in February 2015 I will start working as a lawyer in Berlin. I am already working for a lawyer and went alone to courts in the last months - if you have any cases feel free to come to us and ask for me, Jan Meyer-Dulheuer. ;)
The Office can be reached over http://boehmmeyerdulheuer.de/
My specialization is copry-right law (Urheberrecht), labour law (Arbeitsrecht), commonhold law (WEG-Recht) and several other areas in civil and public law. And we also have a good lawyer for penalty law, if you have problems with the police. ;)

The rest of my limited time goes in Battleships Crossfire X and my private life - where I also made some big changes by living alone now.

I am still working to get the hosting bot running on garena, but it still refuses to allow the bot to connect, not even to its local database (thanks to moi.bdeir for not giving up on that case). I am also working to get it hosting on private battle-nets, such as w3.forumvolt.org, http://forumvolt.org (thanks to T_virus). If anyone who wants to help in any ways please contact me in skype, acc. bucharinyoter.

I hope we can at last keep the community active on weekends and want to encourage you to look for games mostly on weekends, especially on sundays. Clan BoaT in europe is still active and sometimes has the game-announce-bot running (when my pc is on).
There will also be a new version someday, but yet its only half finished and since the old is relatively stable I put the limited time to more urgent tasks.
About Battleships Crossfire X you can follow our recent developements on FB but the financial backing is still not done, so we can not say a real release date. But we are still on it and finally got some nice water!