The botnames of the League:
Shuffle: battle-ships
To see the gamenames say
"?games" in one of this channels:
Europe: Clan BoaT
US-East & West: Clan 13s
Asia: Clan Dodo


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Battleships Crossfire X

Battleships Crossfire X news:

One year has passed since we started the Battleships Crossfire X project. We are already working in the Unreal Endine and look forward to present you new stuff on facebook. The new webpage and forum are online, but still in beta of course! Please join us on the facebook page and share + like it!

More infos on battleshipsxfire.com

Screens and more on Facebook

Donation Statistics 2013:

It would be nice if we can manage to finance the server with 1/3 over donations. I pay 29€/month for the server, so 1/3 would be 115€/year.
Current level of donations for 2012:



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