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Hey Crewmates, Dear Battleshippers, Yohoho you bloody pirates!

So many years have passed since we started the Battleships Crossfire X project in 2013. Because its only us fans working on it, no investors or anything yet, there is still no releasedate for betatesting. We still hope that we can get the project to a playable state. There has been alot of work already beeing put to it and it would be very sad, if we could not get it to a playable point.

Unfortunately we are all working in real jobs. I started my own office in Berlin since start of 2017. I work about 50-60 houres per week, mostly dedicated to help the poor, the pirates, employees, rentees... So if anyone has juristical problems in germany, especially in Berlin, feel free to contact me over my office.

Still the facebook page is the main place to look for news and new stuff. The Battleships Crossfire X Webpage and forum are mostly offline, the league of BShips CF is also dead but there are some Autohosts by Clan ENT and Clan Dodo hosting Battleships Crossfire in Warcraft 3. We would love to give you better news because we still love Battleships.

In the Battlenet Europe we recently founded clan Dodo, which was inspired by the former fans in Clan Dodo in Asia but has nothing really to do with it. To those wo might get lost on the seas: Thanks for the wonderful times with all of you, everyone! I will always remember laughing all night, hardest clanwars and so many good friends, mates, sailors and mermaids, which I miss.

May the wind always fill your sails for every course you set!

Say_No_to_War aka Jan Meyer-Dulheuer, 03. July 2018

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