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Hey Crewmates, Dear Battleshippers, Yohoho you bloody pirates!

So many years have passed since we started the Battleships Crossfire X project in 2013. Because its only us fans working on it, no investors or anything yet, there is still no releasedate for betatesting. We still hope that we can get the project to a playable state. There has been alot of work already beeing put to it and it would be very sad, if we could not get it to a playable point.

Unfortunately we are all working in real jobs. I started my own office in Berlin since start of 2017. I work about 50-60 houres per week, mostly dedicated to help the poor, the pirates, employees, rentees... So if anyone has juristical problems in germany, especially in Berlin, feel free to contact me over my office.

Still the facebook page is the main place to look for news and new stuff. The Battleships Crossfire X Webpage and forum are mostly offline, the league of BShips CF is also dead but there are some Autohosts by Clan ENT and Clan Dodo hosting Battleships Crossfire in Warcraft 3. We would love to give you better news because we still love Battleships.

In the Battlenet Europe we recently founded clan Dodo, which was inspired by the former fans in Clan Dodo in Asia but has nothing really to do with it. To those wo might get lost on the seas: Thanks for the wonderful times with all of you, everyone! I will always remember laughing all night, hardest clanwars and so many good friends, mates, sailors and mermaids, which I miss.

May the wind always fill your sails for every course you set!

Say_No_to_War aka Jan Meyer-Dulheuer, 03. July 2018

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by jannick - 7:27:21 Friday 26th November 2021
New World solves the problem of great gear looking terrible by allowing players to hide their hats or helmets while keeping their gear on.

Amazon's newest massively online multiplayer role-playing game New World takes players to a mysterious, dark island surrounded by enemies. Once players reach their first level, they will be given a range of pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, equipment with good stats doesn't always mean good looks. While some uncomfortable-looking armor can be overlooked, headgear is difficult to avoid as it is often the most noticeable. However, if a player wants to change the appearance of a hat or helmet while retaining its values, New World offers a number of alternatives.

As the player gathers materials, chooses their faction, and enhances their profession, enjoying the look of their character can be very rewarding. MMOs can be especially tough, and New World is no exception. Because of this, players will spend a lot of time looking at their characters. Therefore, it is important to develop a pleasant asceticism that they appreciate in order to be able to really enjoy the game.

The first option is to use skins. Players who bought the New World Deluxe Edition have more options than regular players because they have more choices. However, should this not be enough to achieve the look they want, players always have the option to hide the headgear. The process to achieve this is very similar to applying a skin.

How to hide headgear in New World

To hide headgear in New World without losing equipment points, players must first open their inventory and then right-click on the headgear they want to hide. Select the "Change Skin" option and scroll to the bottom of the list to find "Hide Headgear". Click on it to hide the helmet or hat when the character is equipped. In this method, an "invisible" skin is chosen for the headgear, which allows the player to benefit from the values ??without having to display them visually.

If players want to purchase additional skins, they can do so through the in-game shop. These can be bought with the fortune token and the New World currency must be purchased with real money. To do this, click on Esc and go to the Store tab. There, find the "Add Wealth Tokens" option and buy the...
by fhispweer - 8:14:55 Saturday 20th November 2021
Looking back on the activation of the personality, the hope that Oermat may be restored!
https://www.gearanime.co.uk/product-cat ... -academia/
The fourth season of My Hero Academia tells that our passing million seniors are still working hard to protect the little burial after losing their personality, and he finally waited for the rescue of Green Valley and others. However, Zhi Qi Yu's ability is so powerful that even Yeyan, who possesses the predictive skills, was severely injured by the underworld young master and even severed his arm.
And the Green Valley is also to cover the escape of millions and the small bad buried with serious injuries. There are penetrating wounds on his hands and feet. The small bad buried at the center of this vortex is also suffering from inner torment. I don't want to return to the side of the underworld master Qi Yu, and at the same time, I don't want to see others hurt because of me. Therefore, Xiaolongbu finally slipped to Zhiqiying, but in Green Valley's call and actual action, he once again extended his hands to Green Valley, and Lugu also broke out with all his strength to snatch Xiaolongbu back.
Friends who have seen the previous seasons believe that they all know that the strength of Green Valley is very powerful, but at the same time, such strength will also bring a great burden to his body, in order to save the little ones. Can't care so much. Lv Gu's life-saving response also made Xiao Badian finally firm in her desire to be free, and it also inspired her to look back on her personality. This personality can continue to be that the body of the little bad guy in contact with the target is constantly backtracking to a time point. When the green valley breaks down due to the explosion of all abilities, the little bad guy will use his own personality to help the green valley. Make his body go back to the time of completeness.
From a certain point of view, Xiaobaibai and Lvgu are a perfect match. Xiaobaibai is the "power bank" of Lugu, which allows him to use 100% of his power infinitely. The combination of these two people may be in the back. The action has a decisive role.
The emergence of the ability to bury the bad has also made...
by fhispweer - 8:10:35 Saturday 20th November 2021
"Dragon Ball" is one of the most influential Japanese manga in China, and is the proud work of Japanese manga artist Akira Toriyama. The story draws readers from the mountain village to the city, from the earth to the aliens, and from the present to the future. There are both wonderful fights and sincere emotions.
The success of "Dragon Ball" is unprecedented. It not only made the sales of "Shounen Jump" surpassed "Shounen Magazine" and reached the historical high of 6.53 million, but also affected the pattern of Japanese comics afterwards, and gave birth to the juvenile manga. The concept. In the manga "Dream Eater", a manga about the life of a manga artist, Ken Obata, who is almost the same generation as Akira Toriyama, simply divides the manga into two categories: "King Dao Man" and "Evil Dao Man". This concept began with "Dragon Ball".
"Dragon Ball" is a specific symbol of Japanese manga. When it comes to the success of "Dragon Ball", many friends and industry experts have conducted analyses. Everyone has different opinions, but there are several major points that are basically the same.
First, the fighting scene is full of motivation. The lens design of the fighting scene, whether in terms of the intensity of the action or the design of the moves, is still the strongest even now. Especially when Wukong uses Jie Wangquan, the long-range attacks, collisions, and close combat in the flying state can transform smoothly.
Second, the style of painting has the visual sense of film. Shimayama uses a large number of fragments from European and American action movies in the comics, especially when the story is in conflict, the rhythm of the picture is obviously accelerated, and the tight connection makes readers look like an action movie.
Third, unique imagination and science fiction elements. Shimayama himself is a fan of science fiction books. From the "mini capsules" he designed, houses, cars, motorboats and other tools can be used to show his obsession with science. In the manga, from the ordinary mountains and forests to the noisy cities, from the earth to the Namek stars in space, and then to the king’s house in another dimension, Toriyama’s imagination continues to mobilize the reader...
by fhispweer - 8:02:15 Saturday 20th November 2021
"Pokémon Journey" (Japanese: ?????????, English: Pokémon Journeys ? Pokémon Master Journeys) is a TV animation broadcast by TV Tokyo on November 17, 2019. It is the successor to "Pokémon Sun & Moon". Before the game is played, the official first preview content will not simply compare the Galer region in the game "Pokémon Sword/Shield", but will integrate all regions and Pokémon so far in the series to create a new world travel. story
The Japanese name of this work directly adopts the redesigned logo of the theater version No. 20, and no subtitles are added at the same time. It is also called Xinwuyin, Reiwa.
In addition, in response to the translation of "Pokémon Sword/Shield", the Chinese name was translated into "Pokémon" with reference to Japanese, and then rewritten as "Pokémon Journey".
Story summary
Xiaozhi was invited by Dr. Oki to celebrate the establishment of the Sakuragi Research Institute and went to Deadleaf City. In the process, Rogia suddenly appeared at the port of Deadleaf City. Xiaozhi and Xiaohao met and met in Rogia. Become a good friend. Dr. Sakuragi invited Xiaozhi and Xiaohao to embark on the journey as investigators. Xiaozhi's goal this time was to challenge the World Championships, and finally drew up against Dandi. Xiaohao's goal is to conquer all Pokémon, make it closer to the dream, and then conquer him....
by fhispweer - 7:52:28 Saturday 20th November 2021
Pokémon: 10 ways Pikachu became the best character in anime
Ask any Pokémon fan: Pikachu is the best! Xiaozhi's Pikachu always seizes the limelight with his tenacity, fighting ability and sense of humor.
In the animation, Pikachu has fought a lot of tough battles, but no matter how difficult things are, Pikachu will not give up until it is seriously unable to move. In countless battles, it seems that Pikachu may collapse halfway and be easily defeated, while Pikachu continues to fight under difficult circumstances. Even if Pikachu would definitely lose to an enemy like the champion Lyon's fire-breathing dragon, it did not give up. Pikachu's firm attitude helped it win the love of the overall fans.
Many fans think Pikachu is cute. Whether it's wearing various costumes throughout the anime series and movie installments, or just as a cute and curious self, many of Pikachu's cute moments are hard for fans to love.
Some of the cute moments in the animation happen when hanging out with other Pokémon, cheering for others in Pokémon contests and other special occasions, and when exploring new realms with Xiaozhi and his companions. Some people think that if Xiaozhi's Pikachu participates in the cute pet contest, he will probably win.
Pikachu has gone through many difficult battles in the series, but its ability to be creative in how to defeat opponents is quite clever. Pikachu often uses simple moves such as Thunder and Volt to knock down the enemy, but there are also some tough battles that need to jump out of the mindset and rely on their own moves to avoid or withstand the opponent's attack.
The bond between Pikachu and Xiaozhi is unforgettable
The relationship between Pikachu and Xiaozhi is one of the most iconic in the animation. They started a rough road in the first episode, where they didn’t get along at all, but after Xiaozhi protected Pikachu from a group of Spearow and Pikachu using a timely thunderbolt to protect Xiaozhi’s fatal attack, they made a connection and followed Over time, they train together and become more intimate. They support each other from coarse to fine, from Xiaozhi's temporary death in several movies to ma...
by fhispweer - 7:44:20 Saturday 20th November 2021
Bo Ren Biography: Zuo Ming lost to Da Tong Mu, Bo Ren God assisted, but unfortunately he is still too tender
After Bo Ren used the wedge power, Otsuki was taken to another space. The cooperation between Sasuke and Bo Ren was like when Zuoming did not cut the battle again, tactically, it made people shine, although this was not possible. Inflicted damage to Otsuki in one move, but the combination of Sasuke and Boren's fight has saved Konoha Village well, and they don't have to worry about too much, let go of their hands and feet to fight.
Dead end
Although the ideal is very beautiful, as long as the one style is brought to a place where there is no one, the problem can be solved by killing the opponent, but the reality is often very cruel. When fighting Cixian, Zuo Ming has already lost to the opponent, let alone The Datongmu Style is now fully recovered, so after the battle begins, the strength shown by the Datongmu Style is still crushing.

Although the trick of Kun Gu Na is simple, it is hard to guard against. In a battle, you can hardly imagine when a monster will suddenly appear around you and attack you, especially if Datongmu has the ability to absorb chakras, if it is not for Sasuke and Naruto. People cooperate tacitly, and they may not even be able to delay their opponents.

Thought it was hope
In the battle, Sasuke had reincarnation eyes and was the first goal of Yishi to eliminate. In order to help Sasuke, the blogger found that Yishi would not attack him when he was in contact with Yishi. Although he didn't know the reason, it undoubtedly became a key point for turning the tide of the war.
The reason why I dare not attack the blogger here is because the blogger was regarded as a living sacrifice by him. The purpose of the big tube wood came to a planet is to plant the sacred tree, and then remove the chakra fruit, and in order for the sacred tree to develop rapidly, there must be a large tube wood to be eaten by the sacred tree as a nourishment. This is why Datongmu came to the earth in the form of a two-person team.
At present, there are only one person in the big tube on the earth. In order to be able to eat the chakra fruit, the peach-like blogger in the body has become his best target.

Bo Ren wanted to use Otsuki's characteristic of not daring to kill himsel...
by fhispweer - 9:57:29 Thursday 18th November 2021
One of the highest-grossing movies of 2020 is finally released in the United States.

"Demon Slayer-Kimetsu no Yaiba-Movie: Mugen Train" released on Friday is not just an anime film about members of the Demon Slayer Corps trying to protect train passengers from being eaten by demons. This movie saved Japan's box office during the pandemic.

The record-breaking run of the "Devil Slayer" movie began in October. It took only 10 days in Japan to get more than 100 million US dollars in the box office, and became the fastest movie ever to reach this milestone. It has become the highest-grossing anime and the highest-grossing Japanese movie of all time. "Mugen Train" closed at the world's fourth highest box office in 2020, surpassing the "creed" hyped by Christopher Nolan, who ranked fifth.

These feats are impressive for any movie, but "Wooden Train" is not even a traditional independent function. The "Demon Slayer" movie is a direct continuation of the 26 episodes of the first season of the "Demon Slayer" TV series. Unlike other animation movies that go with TV, "Mugen Train" is not a derivative or a side story. It has its own classic, which aims to make it easier for viewers who may not be familiar with the series to understand.
What is a "devil killer"?
"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" was originally a comic series by Koyoharu Gotouge. The series is set in the Taisho era (1912-1926) in Japan and tells the story of the young Tanto Tanjiro, the kind eldest son of a family that produces and sells charcoal. One day, when he returned home, he found that his family had been slaughtered by a ghost or demon who was feeding on humans. The only survivor was his sister Nezuko, who had turned into a demon but eventually protected her brother.

After meeting with Yoshiyu Tomioka, a senior member of the secret warrior organization responsible for defeating the devil, Tanjirou was sent to train to become a demon killer. This allowed Tanjiro to avenge his family and tried every means to turn Nezuko back into a human.
Along the way, he got acquainted with Azuma Zenyi, who is also a member of t...
by jannick - 7:28:47 Monday 25th October 2021
Want to know what the best New World great axe builds are for PvP and PvE? We’ve had time to test several different builds since the new MMO game launched, and we’ve concluded that outside of the magic weapons, one of the best New World weapons is the great axe. It may be slower to use than most other melee weapons, but it’s a fantastic option for those wanting to chop away at foes in a DPS role.

To build an excellent loadout for New World, you need to spend time killing enemies to level up weapons, choose which skills to equip, and allocate attribute points. Therefore, you should assign your character’s attribute points carefully to maximise the impact of both weapons in your build. While it takes more skill to use a great axe in combat than other weapons, the effort is most certainly worth it.

If you’re running a powerful axe build, particularly the PvE build in this guide, you’ll benefit from tackling dungeons and bosses alongside someone who is using the best New World tank build, using the sword and shield. We also have DPS build configurations for the best New World fire staff build. This guide will go over both the best great axe PvP build and the best great axe PvE build, but if you’d rather spec into a faster melee-focused DPS build, try out the best New World hatchet build or best New World rapier build instead.

The best PvP build for the great axe is the war hammer and great axe. Your role in this build is to gather foes together, then use AoE skills to deal damage and recover health.

We recommend the following New World gems worth a lot of [url=https://www.ssegold.com/new-world-coins:3jjfdy4e]New World Coins[/url:3jjfdy4e] ingame:

Armour – Opal gems (this increases fire and ice elemental damage absorption)
Great axe – Emerald gem (this increases damage against foes with low health)
War hammer – Malachite gem (this increases damage against enemies afflicted with crowd control)

You should mostly spend your attribute points on strength since both of these weapons use strength as their primary attribute. The rest of the attribute points should be put into constitution to increase your health. You should also wear heavy armour to maximise your defence.

The war hammer skills and perks selected fo...
by jannick - 7:15:39 Monday 25th October 2021
Arcana is one of the most interesting crafting tricks in the New World, which allows players to produce magical weapons, potions and tinctures.

The new world of Amazon Games' new MMORPG opens its gates for players at the end of September 2021. In New World, an alternative story is explored full of magic, monster and darkness.

Unlike many MMOs, New World will focus on crafting and survival mechanics. In the new world, there are 17 commercial skills available, covering the entire process of collecting, refining and manufacturing. One of the most useful craft skills for magnoven characters is Arcana, which enables the production of magical weapons, soaks and tinctures.

How to Level in New World

As with the craft skills of New World, players can only use Atchana at certain craft stations. In this case, it can be upgraded over five steps to the artace bearing. When ascending in the Arcana capability levels, players must find or build better deposits.

The acquisition of Arcana-EP in New World is as easy as the application of the skill. This means that the only limit to speed players can improve their skills that can be speed with which they can collect and improve raw materials. Higher stages of craft recipes bring more EP, but also require higher levels of ingredients. These can be particularly tricky and usually require players to move up to the highest level or spend a lot of money to buy from other players.

How to work on the New World Farm

The most effective way to improve the skills in the new world while creating any Apprana recipe that has EP is to focus on a handful. Players who want XP farms should focus mainly on potions and tinctures and largely ignore magical weapons. This is because these are made with reagents that allow players to collect a variety of ingredients and nevertheless combine them to the same soaks.

For example, ordinary health drinks can be made by combining any drug reagent of stage 2 with water. These include bright mushroom caps, chicken grease chemes, meat of plate caps, spore blossom fruits and moving stems. In the adaptation of magic drinks, the skill Arcana in the new world allows players to gather a greater variety of resources without having to wait for resrawns. In the later levels, players also have to mix different elem...
by Melany - 9:31:00 Saturday 16th October 2021
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the largest editions since 2020. It is also the most influential version of Nintendo this year. Many functions of this series of games rely on the network. Players can make more online friends by choosing Buy [url=https://www.acbellsbuy.com/Acnh-Bells:3t74xxlv]Animal Crossing Bells[/url:3t74xxlv] through the ACBellsBuy website. Although the network is not a necessity, you will miss a lot of things without a network. Whether visiting friends' islands or sending them gifts via email, New Horizons welcomes online features more than traditional Nintendo games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be played offline. You can run around in a single-player game and play on the island. Without the Internet, there are certain things you cannot do. For example, if you don't have the Internet, you can't connect to visit your friend's island online. The player's previous choice of Buy [url=https://www.acbellsbuy.com/Acnh-Nook-miles-ticket:3t74xxlv]Animal Crossing NMT[/url:3t74xxlv] also does not work. If you are not connected to the Internet, you cannot download game updates or back up your archives to the cloud. This also predicts that you will not receive notifications when new content is added to the game. The result is that you missed this update notification....