The botnames of Battleships:
Active Clans:
Europe: Clan Dodo
US-East: Clan Ahoi
Asia: Clan Dodo

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Welcome to the armory of  Battleships Crossfire

Version:  4.69 Orginal made by Baydiver, modified by Say_No_to_War
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1. Weapons Merchant
2. Weapon Inventory
3. Heavy Weapons Merchant
4. Magazin
5. Arsenal
6. Building of Elements
7. Wind of Change
8. Weapon Hut
9. Hut of the Craftsman
10. Trollcombiner
11. Hut of the Pirate
12. Bob's Guns
13. Fishing Hut
14. Equipment Merchant
15. Equipment Combiner
16. Weapontrader