The botnames of the League:
Shuffle: battle-ships
To see the gamenames say
"?games" in one of this channels:
Europe: Clan BoaT
US-East & West: Clan 13s
Asia: Clan Dodo


Please support us:
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Hosting Services/rent a ghost:

Donate Bitcoins to: 1FdqWSTEPqkHbifqeyE7VU7C72vPWCkaa7
How to donate GPU-time:

You can easily use your grafic cards GPU which is up to 500 times more efficient! And the GPU often uses the same or even less power.

You can use your GPU to generate Bitcoins to support the Battleships Crossfire League by downloading and extracting this file. Just doubleclick the start.bat to begin donating. Every "Accepted" share has currently a value of 0.00002956 BTC. So with an average currency-value of 10 € and 100 accepted shares you donated about 0,03 € or 0,045 $.

If you get an error try upgrading your grafic drivers (Ati-Radeon drivers / Nvidia drivers). Sadly some older grafic-cards do not support it.

You can see the current status here.
All generated bitcoins will be used to finance the server of the Battleships Crossfire League and tournaments. Of course you can also donate bitcoins directly to:

Any questions?