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Last reload of the League: Tuesday 18th 2014f February 2014 06:19:17 PM
9546 different players are ranked & spoofchecked on the bot(s): battle-ships.
11439 / 11439 games have been added to the scores. 2250(rescan: 1) / 9546 players have been scanned for clan-memberships. 1292 players have been banned.

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Season May 2013 - Februar 2014: |Shuffle closed on 18.02.2014| (Clans)      
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Shuffle closed on 18.02.2014
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PlayerGamesWinnerDrawerLoserLeaverKillsDeathsKill / Death ratioAssistsTraderKicksCreepsDodosLootGametimeScores
1wan.taz (Clan SOS)4082917637423005164.46290932042214039393475029298h 56m8958.33
2mx- (Clan SOS)3192216924516303504.662068296869408502527353224h 21m7508.12
3killerinstinct29320146222432034776.7129238293713606203844685222h 26m6521.70
4plusaplus27317636511019855703.48168811251011785522577629233h 21m6097.50
5sademahookoc1931521524213125782.2719201422206729481775526163h 11m5773.51
6from.vin5953432215278512124522.094007150112395281234268272539h 28m5617.64
713s.fenris (Clan SOS)2941914948617635483.22235817321710775432232056237h 31m5310.53
8katty4232365212015197110431.89297738166710609632950600367h 58m5158.63
9x3mb4[ad]5012836112631231217151.35392105827756101931389441h 14m5011.76
10averof-g385189481272119696692.942074183864119823162236317324h 27m4737.46
11a-pink329617213981319716902.86236114111416945462192172292h 24m4677.67
12omg.012441497771116451948.48166803112674402249226244h 52m4523.96
13news_bads_games3351762611419192414841.3192459046013608002567437287h 59m4342.03
14islandstyle (Clan AHOI)31518933811219224933.92019483712370101826060264h 59m4332.69
15seablue148981534112803593.5711752151165913591898048130h 23m4275.87
16euky.lypty (Clan iGB)2161363938312704772.6613491016116940111314817158h 00m4247.19
17senior_13ounce (Clan AHOI)23714331501313333314.03170005377329151731752194h 16m4179.49
18shamrocktb (Clan SOS)5422638418015240616701.4431955584215262221362234461h 13m4148.02
19bbbbbbest5592806519717300521301.413028112713820911401307552504h 02m4105.89
20opend2 (Clan BOAT)1961072759311165162.1612987872982499211214076170h 45m4020.85
21ace-man31117039693315785882.6817576813116574801786653274h 27m3944.79
22emulen38622243665516039141.75154497062701468521705221713327h 08m3837.23
23henbug33215957962014336832.117441360338943101515900271h 25m3822.31
24black-king30415944861513687171.911615456514043601261816274h 50m3810.08
25hit-the-dog3361635011211162710571.54189564851845080680003285h 26m3787.72

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The current season will automatically end and start a new Season on the 1. day of the 10. month at 0:00 UTC+1 (game end time decides).
Please use the Reconnect Tool by Varlock to avoid disconnects. It allows you to reconnect to any game where the connection has been interrupted within 2 minutes!
You can report any abuse, cheating or bugs in the league here.
The basic value is 0 points for the first game. This is modified up or downwards with the following values after each game:
(lost_team_scores/won_team_scores) x (Kills + loot/3000 + Traderscores/4 + Assists/4 + Draw x 0 + Win x 50 - Lose x 20 - Deaths - Leave x 50 - Kickcounter x 10)- Leave x 8
In FFA this is without the teamscores modification. So if a team with low ranked players wins against a team with high ranked players it can get 300% while it only risks to lose 10% of the points. If all players are unranked/not spoofchecked both teams get 100%. Only players with more then -500 points count for teamscores. You only have to spoofcheck once per IP-Block.
Leaves count only as leaves if the mainharbour of the leaver is alive at the moment of the leave and if the leavereason is "has left the game voluntarily", "lagged out (dropped by vote)", "has lost the connection (connection error - ECONNRESET)" or "was automatically dropped after 60 seconds". Other ways out of the game do not count as leave but count as games and (should) count for the stayrate. If you got an instable internet connection then use the reconnect tool.
*Minimum values for each average teamscores is 3. Only teammates with more then -500 points count for the average teamscores. Minimum Result for teamA_scores/teamB_scores is 5, maximum is 75. TeamB is the winning team.

Autoban automatically bans if your stayrate is:
  • less then 35% stay in 3 rounds OR
  • less then 50% stay in 5 rounds OR
  • less then 70% stay in 10 rounds.